The Bubble ending explained – did the crew finish filming Cliff Beasts 6?

March 31, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Bubble (2022), which will contain spoilers.  

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller called The Bubblea total misfire for Apatow that basks in its arrogance.

The Bubble is not based on a true story. Let’s get that much clear. This Judd Apatow comedy tells the irreverent tale of trying to film a movie in the middle of the pandemic. The film is Cliff Beasts 6, the latest in a series about a group of men and women fighting dinosaurs to save the world. Also, it happens to be one of two movies being filmed at the time—all responsible for saving the movie industry. (Even though the Cliff Beasts franchise feels more like something you find on Syfy and not at your local AMC or Regal). 

Here, Peter Serafinowicz plays a man who is responsible for getting the sixth installment across the finish line. Carol Cobb (Karen Gillan) is a neurotic actress who needs another film under her belt, or her career is over. After skipping the fifth film, she joins the rest of her castmates to shoot the movie in England. Everyone needs to quarantine for two weeks before shooting.

From there, everyone ignores protocols. Many contract Covid-19 and a cluster-f**k of massive proportions unfolds. Even one of the actresses, Lauren (Leslie Mann), has her hand shot off by studio security to keep them onset and shooting.

Netflix film The Bubble (2022) ending explained

At several points, the group of actors begins to leave the set and are rebuffed by the studio. So, Apatow tries to create a Network vibe where big media will do anything at all costs to keep revenue coming in or even limit it. Here, after Lauren’s “injury,” Dieter (Pedro Pascal) almost overdoses. That’s when the group makes a mad dash for it. Cobb is tackled by, of all people, James McAvoy because she was running (that’s it). They all make it to the studio helicopter, and Sean (Keegan-Michael Key) manages to fly them home after watching a youtube video in midflight. After they escape, the man filming “the making of” Cliff Beasts 6 opens as a documentary two years later and becomes a hit.

The point of The Bubble? It is hard to say. Apatow is going for the absurdity of movie-making during a pandemic and the utter importance Hollywood puts on itself. He even points the finger and big business, putting people in danger to keep the doors open for their own greater good, which means to companies like Amazon during the pandemic. 

Either way, the ending points to a silver lining for the actors and the viewer about the return of the medium.

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