Elite season 5 – does anyone die, and if so, who is the murderer?

April 8, 2022
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This article, ”Does anyone die, and if so, who is the murderer,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Elite season 5. 

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In the fifth season of Elite, it is hinted from the first episode that someone will die. But, as for who that is, and why, it doesn’t become clear until much later in the season. Through short flashforwards placed throughout the first seven episodes, Elite season 5 makes the audience wonder who could possibly be the unfortunate character in the pool. Whilst at first it looks like it could be Prince Phillipe, it is then heavily hinted that Benjamin is the one who dies. That is, at least, until a shock reveal in episode four shows that it is Samuel in the pool. But the question remains as to how he ends up in the pool. 

Elite season 5 – does anyone die, and if so, who is the murderer?

After Armando’s body gets discovered, midway through the season Samuel confesses to the murder. And in return, Benjamin promises to set Samuel up for life, with enough money to go study at Oxford University. However, when many, including Samuel, begin to doubt whether Benjamin will actually help him, Samuel decides to use an incriminating sim card to protect himself, as the sim card will, more than likely, land Benjamin in prison. So, Benjamin asks Samuel to visit him face to face. 

In that very meeting, after Samuel refuses to hand over the sim card, Benjamin attacks Samuel. It causes Samuel to fall into the pool, cracking his head in the process. Whilst he doesn’t die, Benjamin doesn’t seem too focused on saving Samuel’s life. Instead, it is only when Patrick, Ari, Mencia, Rebe, and Omar appear that there’s a chance that Samuel could survive. After seeing what Benjamin has caused, Mencia calls the police. With Rebe and Omar by his side, it appears that Samuel dies. And shortly afterward, the police arrest Benjamin, whilst the other characters react to the events in the pouring rain.

However, there isn’t any confirmation that Samuel is actually dead. There’s a large chance that he could have been taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries caused by Benjamin. The answer to that question is likely to remain unanswered until the sixth season airs. If you ask me, I think that Samuel will survive, and he’ll remain very much a large part of the next season of Elite. It’ll be interesting, though, to see how Patrick, Ari, and Mencia will react to their father (almost?) killing Samuel. 

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