Metal Lords ending explained – who will win the Battle of the Bands?

April 8, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Metal Lords, so will contain major spoilers.

When Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith), two best friends united by their outcast status and love of heavy metal, learn of their high school’s upcoming Battle of the Bands competition, the two decide to form a group and enter. However, before the big night, they must recruit another member and then stay together long enough so that they might actually compete as a band.

After a real, diva-style meltdown in which he alienates everyone around him, Hunter is shipped off to rehab by his dad, who seemingly can’t be bothered trying to address his son’s issues at home first. Quite why he gets sent to a rehabilitation center for addiction I’m not sure — maybe it was the metal thing to do? 

Upon his arrival at the center, Hunter has to undergo a full evaluation, presumably for those treating him to be able to get a full grasp on his issues and, in turn, determine the appropriate course of treatment. If you can believe it, the doctor in charge of the center is none other than Troy Nix — a personal hero of Hunter’s — who turned to medicine and psychology when alcohol ruined his future as a heavy metal icon before it even happened. He gets Hunter; understands him completely, and promises to have his case reviewed by the board so that he can be discharged. However, this is a process that will take until the following Monday to fully play out, meaning Hunter will miss his high school’s Battle of the Bands competition.

Netflix film Metal Lords ending explained

Fortunately for Hunter, best friend Kevin comes to his rescue, causing a massive distraction at the facility and breaking him out just in time for the contest. On their way, they stop off to pick up their third member and Kevin’s now-girlfriend, Emily (Isis Hainsworth), but it looks like the two may have to perform as a duo as she doesn’t appear to be ready to forgive Hunter for a previous outburst he subjected her to. As it turns out, she just needed to get performance-ready, as just before the boys are about to head on stage, Emily enters the backstage area looking like she’s taken a bath in black lace and eyeliner.

Naturally, the trio takes to the stage and, at first, get a frosty reception from the crowd, who they quickly win over, and before long, EVERYONE is rocking out. However, that image is brought crashing down, quite literally, when Hunter gets shoved into one of his amps, which then falls on top of him and quite graphically breaks his leg. The band finishes up in second place, but with the newfound validation that all three of them are on the path to becoming legends, they aren’t too gutted. 

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