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April 8, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series Slow Horses season 1, episode 4.

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The truth behind the kidnapping is revealed in “Bad Tradecraft” as Jackson Lamb and the team start to uncover the many moving parts in the puzzle. Lamb rounds up his team in the early hours of the morning and strikes a deal with Diana Taverner, Head of Ops. They’re now embroiled in the case as well, hoping to come out as the heroes. Here’s everything that happened in episode four of Slow Horses:

  • River is locked in a closet at the hospital, but Jackson breaks him out and they drive back to Slough House.
  • Min and Louisa get drunk together and head back to the office to make out. They hear odd noises and find a masked criminal on the premises. Min gets into a tussle with the thief and they fall down the stairs together. The criminal is killed in the action and unmasked to be Moody, one of their team members.
  • Jackson and River come back to find the two drunks next to the dead corpse. Lamb starts to search the body and finds many intriguing items on his person. These include: cash, listening devices and two mobile phones. One phone leads to Diana.
  • Jackson meets with Diana and she reveals the plot behind the kidnapping. She has orchestrated the entire scheme and has a mole on the inside. Hobden’s involvement is also explained, he overheard the conversation and possibly recorded the plan. Moody was sent to retrieve Hobden’s laptop, but he failed at that too.
  • Diana asks Jackson to check on the terrorists, to make sure the mole is safe and to end the whole sorry saga.
  • Jackson drives to the hostage’s location with River, Min and Louisa. He goes in alone and finds that no one is home. The mole has beheaded one of the nationalists instead and fled the crime scene with the others.

Slow Horses season 1, episode 4 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 15th, 2022. The release time is 12 am (midnight) PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Slow Horses season 1, episode 4 on Apple TV+ at the date mentioned above.


  • The racist terrorist group called Sons Of Albion will have moved locations. The mole will have taken charge and either killed the other members or have them hostage.
  • Jackson will report back to Diana that the terrorists and the hostage are now missing and one member has been beheaded.
  • Sid will wake up in hospital and be interrogated for her actions.
  • River will go rogue once more and take it upon himself to do some further investigating.
  • Jackson will work with Diana to find the Sons Of Albion and their hostage.

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