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April 12, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 6.

“Mirrorball” continues to split the story into two intercut timelines. The filmmakers address Michelle’s eating disorder and her struggles with body image in a 2014 flashback. Whilst in the 2015 present, the lawyers build their cases and Michelle goes to prom. There’s a lot covered in this installment, although most of it seems like filler. Here’s everything that happened in episode five of The Girl from Plainville:

  • Michelle struggles to cope without her best friend Susie and leaves her a note on her car. She’s also developed an unhealthy relationship with her own body and goes through fits of binge eating, then being sick, all intertwined with extreme workout sessions.
  • Michelle confesses to Coco that she was attracted to Susie, but she believes their relationship is much stronger. Coco retaliates by sleeping with someone at a party.
  • The couple finally meets up at a funeral and spends the night together. They enjoy a sweet moment where they pretend to play baseball and then make out in his truck. At the end of the night, Michelle refuses to have sex with him though.
  • In 2015 Michelle’s parents are shown the text messages their daughter sent to Coco and argue back at home. They’re finding it really hard to defend her anymore.
  • Katie Rayburn interviews Susie and uses their relationship as the motive in the case. Katie believed Michelle wanted to gain Susie’s attention and would use the suicide as bait.
  • Dr. Peter Breggin asks to testify on Michelle’s behalf, stating that because of her eating disorder and the medication she was on, she wasn’t in her right mind when she texted Coco to kill himself.
  • Michelle goes to prom with a new friend, but the night is overwhelming. She leaves early and goes home to exercise on her treadmill. The final shot zooms in on a psychotic-looking Michelle with smudged mascara and an emotionless glare.

The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 6 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 6 on Hulu at the date mentioned above.


  • The trial will begin, with Michelle falling apart under intense pressure and press scrutiny.
  • Lynn will decide to testify after an awkward encounter with a pitiful Michelle.
  • Michelle’s mental state will worsen as she starts to accept her actions.
  • In flashbacks, the happy couple will start to argue and fall out, possibly due to Michelle’s reluctance to sleep with Coco or their joint mental instability.
  • The press will hound Michelle, causing her to do something regrettable.

You can stream The Girl From Plainville season 1, episode 6 exclusively on Hulu.

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