Anatomy of a Scandal season 1 – who is Kate Woodcroft?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 15, 2022 (Last updated: November 4, 2023)
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Who is Kate Woodcroft in season 1 of Anatomy of a Scandal season 1 - netflix series

This article, “who is Kate Woodcroft,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal season 1.

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English actress Michell Dockerty plays Kate Woodcroft, a key figure in the Anatomy of a Scandal series. While the character of Kate Woodcroft appears to be a supporting player in this criminal tale, she becomes a significant figure throughout the series because she is involved in one of the series’ mysteries. The question is, which one is it? How could she possibly be involved in the rape accusation of Olivia Lytton? Was she somehow involved behind the scenes in Alec Fisher’s death at Oxford? Or was she a witness to the shocking allegation that James Whitehouse raped a college classmate, Holly Berry?

So, that begs the question:

Who is Kate Woodcroft in season 1 of Anatomy of a Scandal season 1?

Kate Woodcroft plays a Queen’s Court barrister who is prosecuting James Whitehouse for the rape of Olivia Lytton. She initially did not want to take the case because it was considered unwinnable and could have immense political repercussions. Kate, though takes the case. However, she also has a secret identity that no one knows about. She is Holly Berry, the former college classmate of James Whitehouse, who he raped the same night Alec Fisher was killed.

What does Kate Woodcroft do?

Kate prosecutes James Whitehouse, but the jury ultimately acquits him of the rape of Olivia Lytton. However, her identity becomes clear to James during her cross-examination of him. Also, the way she takes notes gives her away to Sophie because Holly used to do her homework in college. Being a victim of sexual assault, Holly is having an affair with her former boss and recognizes she does this because it cannot possibly go anywhere and is an act of self-protection. She changed her name to Kate Woodcroft to protect her from unnecessary harassment by Whitehouse, who is now an influential figure in British Parliament.

The name change also acts as protection. An alter ego that helps protect victims instead of being a victim. She is devastated when James is acquitted of the rape of Olivia, but Sophie has a consolation prize for her. As they meet up before the end of the series, Kate admits that she is Holly. Sophie tells her that she believes her husband raped both women and tells her she called the press about James and Tom’s role in Alec Fisher’s death.

They are both arrested, and Kate/Holly can finally get the type of closure she needs.

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