Anatomy of a Scandal – who is Tom Southern?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 15, 2022 (Last updated: November 4, 2023)
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Anatomy of a Scandal – who is Tom Southern?

This article, “Who is Tom Southern,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal season 1.

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English actor Geoffrey Streatfield plays the character of Tom Southern. While the character of Tom Southern is a supporting one, he is a prevalent figure throughout the series. Southern is also essential to the Netflix streaming series’ plot. While initially, this plot point does not drive the story, it is revealed that almost all of them lead back to the night Tom and James decided to keep something a secret — the death of Alec Fisher.

So, that begs the question:

Who is Tom Southern in season 1 of Anatomy of a Scandal?

Tom Southern is the old college friend from Oxford of James Whitehouse. Currently, he is the most powerful man in England. His title is Prime Minister. His loyalty to James, at first, seems to be wonderfully altruistic that may gain Southern political capital. But, are there other reasons for this generous act?

What does Tom Southern do?

Tom Southern initially is very supportive of his old friend, James Whitehouse. He privately assures him that he and his immigration bill are still on track to pass. He publicly proclaims how he will never throw a colleague and friend under the bus because every man and woman should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Even against his public relations officer’s abrasive pleas to fire James, he stands firm.

That is until a former administrator at Oxford University comes forward that James was accused of raping a coed back in the 90s. He attempts to let him go and pull his support until James calls him and cashes in his get out of jail free card. James helped Tom, decades ago, get rid of the heroin he bought at a party that led to the death of one of their friends, Alec Fisher. Their friend jumped off a building, high on drugs, and thinking he could fly. Tom even dared him to do it, not thinking he actually would. To save their futures and “golden boy” images, James gets rid of the drugs for him and tells him to go back to his place. They never tell anyone about their role in Alec’s death.

James sticks with giving James his support, but eventually, Sophie calls the press. She tells them the story and both are arrested.

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