Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a Heirs to the Land Season 2?

April 16, 2022
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Heirs to the Land is the sequel series to Cathedral of the Sea, both adaptations of the eponymous historical works of Ildefonso Falcones. While it’s still early days for the follow-up, Cathedral of the Sea was a low-key banger for Netflix, with the literary source material being widely beloved and distributed. Since Heirs to the Line works on most of the same terms, it’s highly likely that it’ll become just as much of a hit, so the idea of a second season is a tantalizing one. But given how these things have been adapted thus far, is Heirs to the Land Season 2 a likely proposition?

Renewed or cancelled status – Will there be a Heirs to the Land Season 2?

Status: TBC

As usual, we just don’t know yet. Viewership (which you can monitor on sites such as Netflix Top 10) will no doubt be important, but given the success of Cathedral of the Sea, it’s a fair bet that Heirs to the Land will also do pretty decent numbers. Given the fact that the same creative team handled both shows, there might have been a backroom handshake deal somewhere that has them working on adaptations of Falones’ other novels, which would nix the idea of a Season 2 and instead continue the story as a separate but related entity. I think this is the likeliest outcome given how Heirs to the Land was developed rather than Cathedral of the Sea Season 2, but you can never rule out the possibility.

What is Heirs to the Land?

Adapted from the same-titled novel by Ildefonso Falcones, Heirs to the Land is a Spanish historical drama telling the story of Hugo, a young man who finds favour with respected nobleman Arnau Estanyol – who’ll be familiar to those who watched Cathedral of the Sea – and tries to uphold a bloody promise to the man’s family after political infighting and social unrest results in tragedy.

Who is in it?

Yon González and David Solans (older and younger Hugo Llor)

Elena Rivera (Caterina Llor)

Aria Bedmar (Mercé)

Mercedes León (Ace Barcha)

Natalia Sánchez (Marta Destorrent)

Rodolfo Sancho (Bernat)

Aitor Luna (Arnau)

Michelle Jenner (Mar)

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