Next Time On… Tomorrow season 1, episodes 7 & 8

April 17, 2022
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Next Time On... Tomorrow season 1, episodes 7 & 8

In this week’s double-bill of Tomorrow, the show closed off a case left over from last week and delivered a very poignant bottle episode just to show off that it really can impress when it wants to. But a problem definitely emerged, or at least solidified, and it’s a problem that I’m virtually certain won’t be corrected in Tomorrow season 1, episodes 7 and 8, or indeed the rest of the season. Luckily, it’s a problem that won’t even be a problem for a good chunk of the audience, only those who really buy into a universe’s logical constraints and rules. But the show’s willingness to pick up and abandon ideas and tendency improperly flesh out how things work is proving a bit problematic, even while the individual cases are managing to be decent enough. From my latest recap:

When Jung-gil and the Escort Team take Young-chun away after his passing, we’re reminded of the broader framework of Tomorrow, the interplay between the departments, and the ways things are run behind the scenes. For me, this is where I felt the illusion lift. It’s where I was reminded that we’re watching a work of fiction and that for all Jun-woong’s tears and aghast questioning about why those who are good and kind aren’t rewarded in the same way that sinners are punished, we probably won’t get any meaningful answers to a lot of these obvious questions. Again, for some, that’ll be fine. But for others, it’ll prevent even this quite lovely little story from really lingering on in our minds.

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 7 & 8 release date

Tomorrow season 1, episode 7 is slated to release on April 22, 2022, at around 3pm GMT, exclusively on Netflix. Tomorrow episode 8 will air the next day. There are intended to be 16 episodes, airing twice weekly.

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 1 & 2 aired on April 1 & 2.

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 3 & 4 aired on April 8 & 9.

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 5 & 6 aired on April 15 & 16

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 7 & 8 will air on April 22 & 23

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 9 & 10 will air on April 29 & 30

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 11 & 12 will air on May 6 & 7

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 13 & 14 will air on May 13 & 14

Tomorrow season 1, episodes 15 & 16 will air on May 20 & 21

How to watch Tomorrow online

As mentioned above, Tomorrow is available exclusively on Netflix, which is accessible with a subscription. In Korea, the show is an MBC original airing on Saturdays and Sundays.

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