Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a season 2 of Outer Range?

April 22, 2022
Adam Lock 6
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This article discusses whether there will be a season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video series Outer Range and its renewed or canceled status. This article contains spoilers.

Outer Range is an eight-part mystery thriller based on an entirely original story from creator Brian Watkins. The series centers on rancher Royal Abbott, whose family must cover up the murder of Trevor Tillerson, whilst fighting their neighbors over a land dispute. Their hostile rivals the Tillersons and a strange new arrival called Autumn are all desperate for a specific section of land, which holds many mystical secrets. The show explores the consequences of these actions, as well as religion and legacy in a sprawling crime drama sci-fi hybrid.

By merging two seemingly opposing genres the series becomes a unique concoction of the American western and a time-traveling fantasy. Throw into the fray a cultish David Lynch surreal sensibility and you have a vague understanding of the odd tone at play. This is a bizarre and often jarring show that manages to overcome its foibles to deliver on some genuinely nail-biting action and astounding revelations. It’s a polarising display of contradictions that will either amaze or repulse viewers in their thousands. This has the true makings of a cult phenomenon to rival Lost or Twin Peaks, yet it could just as easily be a forgotten misfire by Amazon, it is hard to gauge.

Will there be a season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video series Outer Range – renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC

The future of Outer Range and its Season 2 status is still pending over at Jeff Bezos’ headquarters. This will be a show that likely lives or dies by the statistics. Will it be a hit, will it draw in the viewers? It is extremely hard to tell. The series has the potential to be a success, due to a strong cast and an intriguing plot, although the peculiar quirkiness and some outlandish fantasy elements may discourage audiences globally.

Those that stick with Outer Range to its glorious finale will be desperate to find out more from the show’s many unsolved mysteries and may be petitioning for a sequel from the off. Episode eight releases a few, tantalizing secrets, but there is still a whole mythology to explore and the Abbott family is only just getting started. This has the potential to become a well-loved franchise, with such scope, only time will tell whether Amazon is ready to gamble a second time with this controversial drama.

I would definitely watch a second season of Outer Range and I am sure I won’t be alone with that view. This is a promising, inventive thriller that deserves recognition. We’ll keep you posted on any updates on the pending renewal of Outer Range.

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