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By Adam Lock
Published: April 26, 2022 (Last updated: September 19, 2023)
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The Girl from Plainville, season 1, episode 8 (finale) preview, release date and where to watch online - hulu series

This article contains predictions for the Hulu series The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 8, the finale.

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“Teenage Dirtbag” continued the two separate narratives found within The Girl from Plainville. The flashbacks focused on Coco’s disruptive behavior as he talks openly about suicide, with the 2017 timeline covering more of the trial. Michelle’s defense seems shaken and unstable, buckling under Katie Rayburn’s assault, whilst Michelle’s erratic demeanor in the past hints at a strong desire to be rid of Coco’s relentless and unwavering plea. This troubling subject matter seems destined to tackle the actual suicide in next week’s finale. Here’s what happened in episode seven of The Girl from Plainville:

  • Coco talks more frequently with Michelle about wanting to commit suicide. Michelle at first wants him to get help but quickly supports her boyfriend’s decision. Text messages prove they debated how and when Coco would kill himself.
  • Michelle talks to her friends about Coco’s changing manner and lies that he has gone missing. They’re supportive and Michelle appreciates the attention.
  • Coco says he is going to go through with the suicide, but later changes his mind. Michelle is upset and angry with this, saying she feels played and stupid. Coco says he will go through with it next time.
  • At the trial, Dr. Peter Breggin is interviewed. He states that Coco’s medication meant an increased chance of suicide. Breggin believes Michelle is a vulnerable individual, who controls her pain through self-harm. Coco placed her in an intolerable position and her reaction was supportive. He diagnoses her as suffering from involuntary intoxication, suggesting she wasn’t in control of her own actions.
  • Katie Rayburn responds by ruining Breggin’s defense. She says there is no history of self-harm, his diagnosis is wrong, and then she pokes holes in his defense.
  • Michelle attends her sister’s school concert and has a nightmarish vision of the choir circling her and singing “Teenage Dirtbag” in an aggressive tone. She screams, waking from the daydream.

The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 8 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Girl from Plainville season 1, episode 8 on Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • The finale will address Coco’s suicide in more detail, focusing on the lead-up and night of the death. Michelle will be complicit in Coco’s death and prove her forceful involvement.
  • The trial will end and the judge will find Michelle guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
  • Lynn and her family will struggle to cope with the verdict.
  • Michelle’s family will equally struggle, leading to emotional outbursts.
  • Michelle will break down as she is sentenced and continue to plead her innocence.
  • The show will focus on Michelle’s time in prison as she comes to terms with her actions.

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