Undone season 2 – was Jacob finally able to save his family?

By M.N. Miller
Published: April 29, 2022
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Was Jacob finally able to save his family in Undone season 2 - amazon original series

This article, “was Jacob finally able to save his family,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Undone season 2.

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Jacob’s primary motive in season one was to develop technology to save his mother or understand her condition. During his childhood, his mother was frequently in and out of mental hospitals for her diagnosed condition of schizophrenia. There is also a scene that summarizes what Jacob was doing most of the time during his childhood. Jacob ran out of the room when Geraldine had a manic episode, yelling and breaking some glass.

Was he running because he was scared? No. He grabbed his favorite baseball, threw it at the television, and broke the set. He tells her he will tell his father he broke it so she would not be sent back to the hospital. She tells him how much she loves him, and he is always trying to protect her. This also may be the reason, but eventually, Geraldine chooses to isolate herself and not leave the hospital.

In season two, when they find Alma and Becca stumbled upon a portal to Geraldine in the hospital when Jacob was a child, they take it. He asks Geraldine to call Camila to visit her and tell her she should adopt Alejandro.

Was Jacob finally able to save his family in Undone season 2?

Jacob begins to manipulate the timeline, which causes alternate outcomes he did not plan for. When the family enters multiple lines, Jacob kills himself to immerse himself into individuals like his grandfather and an evil Polish officer to save his family. Alma, grabbing the Geraldine she knew in her timeline at the hospital, begs her to come with her. She needs her to tell her son to let go of this crazy plan he cannot change.

When the adult Geraldine with Emma ends up in front of the home in Poland, she tells Jacob to tell her to go. She is then introduced to her young self and grants her forgiveness because Geraldine blamed herself for her mother and father’s death. This allowed closure and therapeutic healing for all the Geraldines they contacted while researching the alternate Geraldine timelines.

This allowed Geraldine to live everyday life and stop blaming herself. Camila adopts Alejandro, and they are rewarded with a rich family experience instead of the broken one.

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