Next Time On… Barry season 3, episode 3 – “ben mendelsohn”

May 2, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the HBO series Barry season 3, episode 3 titled, “ben mendelsohn.”
The second episode of Barry, titled “limonada,” finds Barry desperately trying to find a solution to his Gene problem. Barry now knows his teacher found out about him murdering his love, Janice. When Gene threatens to shoot Barry, the bullets and wheel fall from the gun. Barry now kidnaps him and is trying to find a solution. He tries to find him a role because this will be the second chance Gene was never given in his career. Barry thinks that if he does this for him, he will see that Barry deserves a second chance.
  • Barry ends up mirroring the situation with Sally finding herself with her abusive ex, Sam. Now, Barry becomes unhinged, demanding that Sally gives a part in her show to Gene because Barry needs it to live.
  • Cristobal breaks up with Hank because his father-in-law arrives from Bolivia with armed henchmen. When he orders a hit to the Chechen operation, Cristobal warns Hank, and they escape.
  • Instead of leaving Barry or breaking things off, Sally buys him a controller and wants to cook him spaghetti. When she calls Barry, she apologizes to him, and Barry does not even recognize his behavior.
  • Sally’s new streaming show is being moved up to beat counterprogramming. She must do a press junket the next day.
  • Barry lands a part on the hit show Laws of Humanity. He also gets one for Gene because Barry tells the story of being a former Marine and how Gene saved his life. When Gene escapes, Barry beats him to his house and tells him if he doesn’t enjoy his second chance, he will get rid of his son and grandchild.

Barry season 3, episode 3, release date/time.

Barry season 3, episode 3 will be released on May 8th, 2022, at 7 PM EST/10 PM PST, exclusively on HBO.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, Barry’s season 3, episode 3, can be watched exclusively on HBO and HBO Max. The streaming platform is available with plans as low as $9.99 a month.


Let’s explore what may happen next week!

  • Will Sally’s show go well?  This will be her first press junket, and reviews for her show will undoubtedly be explored. It will be a hit because this elevates Barry closer to being a Hollywood regular.
  • Will Sally realize what is happening with her and Barry? Will she remain in this toxic relationship? Her costar seems to have taken an interest in it. Right now, my worry is she will speak her mind, and Barry may find herself getting not only harmed Sally but poor Elsie Fisher.
  • No Fuches this episode, but let’s expect him to mess with Barry real soon
  • Hader and Berg patched a significant plot hole by having Bary threaten Gene’s family so he won’t run to the cops. However, how long can Gene go on like this? Something tells me he won’t pull a Frank Whaley.
  • Here is an issue — how much longer can you keep putting characters in situations without losing a significant player? Yes, we lost Janice. But Sally is deeply involved with a psychopath. So now is Gene. Fuches is a pawn. Finally, you would think the Bolivians will be aware of Hank’s existence at some point. This season will lose one at some point, and my guess is Fuches.
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