The Getaway King ending explained – will Najmro make it out of prison to restore natural order?

May 11, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Getaway King, so will contain major spoilers.

The Getaway King recounts the life of Zdzislaw Najmrodzki (Dawid Ogrodnik) as his outlaw lifestyle collides with love, the final days of communism in Poland, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After another stint in prison, which he graciously undertakes this time, as opposed to making another escape attempt, Najmro steps back out into the world. However, following former crew member Antos’ (Jake Gierszal) breakaway into a local skinhead group, Najmro has to get back to business quickly in order to reclaim what is his. In his absence, Antos began harassing Najmro’s mother for protection money, and also beat up Tereska as a means of getting back at him for, in his eyes, abandoning their crew for a woman.

Netflix film The Getaway King ending explained

Najmro heads to the nightclub he knows Antos frequents on a regular basis. The two of them fight it out in the men’s toilets, before the fisticuffs turn into a chase, with Anton out for blood. They take off into the night — a scene similar to another chase earlier in the film between Najmro and Lieutenant Barski (Robert Wiechiewicz) — only for the chase to end in a blazing inferno when Najmro’s car flies off the road and into a neighboring field, bursting into flames. Could this be one getaway he cannot make?

News of the chase begins to circulate on the news, with forensic developments in the case confirming that there is no way Najmro made it out of the wreckage alive. All that remains is a pile of ashes, plus his left hand which was severed when the vehicle he was in exploded.

Back at his mother’s home, Najmro’s friends and family say their goodbyes to him, with even the local skinheads showing up to pay their respects. As they leave, Barski steps out of the room whilst everyone else pours a drink in Najmro’s honor. A handless arm nudges a shot glass, signaling for a top-up. As it turns out, Najmro did make one last getaway. Sorrow turns to astonishment turns to overwhelming joy, and everyone parties well into the night with the king having returned.

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