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May 12, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 7.

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With the end nearly in sight, here is what has happened so far in The Flight Attendant:

  • Cassie visits her father’s grave, and Davey forces her into meeting her mother.
  • Cassie has a painful reunion with her mother, Lisa, and learns that someone broke into Lisa’s house.
  • The Blond Double plants a knife in Cassie’s home.
  • Megan reunites with her son and husband, Levi and Bill. But Bill, fearing repercussions from the FBI, drops her in it.
  • Cassie and Davey barely make it out alive after men with guns track them down.
  • Jim Jones, the man with the glass eye, gets shot dead by the blond double.
  • But that’s not before she leaves several drunken voicemails to Dot.

The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 7 release date/time.

The seventh episode, titled “Thrill Rides”, is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, May 19th, 2022, at midnight PT. This is the seventh of eight total episodes airing weekly between now and Thursday, May 26th, 2022.

Where to watch

The Flight Attendant will air exclusively on HBO Max. Based on a US subscription, the streaming app will cost $14.99 a month, with a thirty-day free trial for new users. Unfortunately, HBO Max is unavailable in UK regions. However, as NOWTV services provide most of the content available on HBO Max, a NOW Entertainment membership for £9.99 will give you access to The Flight Attendant season two.


Although I usually feel quite solid with my predictions when it’s nearing the end, this time around, I’m purely clutching at strings. I’ve no idea as to who the Blonde Double could be, but regardless, here are a few predictions:

  • Like the previous episodes, the episode title likely hints at a big plot in the story. And with the title rumored to be “Thrill Rides”, what could that mean? Not a clue, if I’m honest.
  • Although I will still lean towards Brenda as my pick for the blonde double, I feel that it could also be Grace, Jenny, Dot, or even possibly Benjamin. Who knows in this show. 
  • Is Benjamin as bad as he was made out to be in the last episode? Nah. I’m sure that he’s actually on Cassie’s side. And that’s what makes me confident that Dot is up to no good. 
  • And whilst I think Dot is a baddie, I don’t think she’s the Blonde Double. That would be too obvious. 

You can watch this series with a subscription to HBO Max.

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