Everything you need to know about Paramount+ launching in the UK

May 12, 2022
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Despite numerous options already out there, a new streaming service is entering the UK market to contend for our attention and hard-earned cash. Paramount+ will be available in the UK this year after a successful start in the US, and will come primed with over 8,000 hours of content at launch. 

Selections on the platform will be aimed at the whole family, with popular shows and movies across a variety of genres available, as well as new and exclusive content produced specifically for the service. Content on Paramount+ will include shows from well-known production studios such as Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new service coming to our screens.

When is Paramount+ coming to the UK?

The Paramount+ UK release date is 22nd June 2022, so if you’re wondering if or when you can get Paramount+ in the UK, there’s not too long to wait to expand your streaming options. 

Already available in the US, Paramount+ will also be launching in other territories in the near future, with South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria expecting a launch later on in the year, and India expecting service availability in 2023.

Paramount+ UK vs Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and more

The question on everyone’s minds…How will Paramount+ compare to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and other streaming options? Billed as a genuine contender to the bigger streaming platforms, Paramount+ could be a viable option as your main streaming service. We are now used to new platforms coming in and disrupting the market, with the days of Netflix being the only streaming option long gone.

Paramount+ promises thousands of hours of child-friendly and family shows, along with blockbuster movies and factual content, all for a competitive price. Users will be able to sign in on two devices at once and create up to six user profiles with their account. 

Although with seemingly much to offer, with so many options in the saturated streaming market, it’s hard to know which streaming services you should subscribe to or what level of success Paramount+ will have in the UK. Often the success of a new platform rides on the exclusives it has to offer. Speaking of which…


The Halo TV series is exclusive to Paramount+ and will be available in the UK when the service becomes available in June. The hugely popular franchise (which originated as a video game and now boasts live-action films and animated series) will likely be a huge draw for fans of sci-fi who are unsatisfied with the selections on other streaming platforms.

Star Trek: Discovery, which was originally available on Netflix, is now exclusively available to Paramount + in every region. Fans across the globe can now only access the show through this particular service. When it was announced in November that the series was going to be exclusive to Paramount+, it was just days before new episodes were due to become available on Netflix. Fans that have been waiting patiently since last year will soon be able to watch the popular show. The rest of the Star Trek franchise will also be available from the service launch, so those wanting to catch up on everything Star Trek need look no further than Paramount+.

Other exclusives to the service include The Thing About Pam, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, South Park: Post Covid, The First Lady and The Man Who Fell to Earth. With so much new and exclusive content, Paramount+ could be a genuine contender for those looking to expand their selection of streaming options, or even to replace any of their current subscriptions.

How much will Paramount+ cost?

The Paramount+ UK launch will see the service costing £6.99 a month, or £69.90 for those opting for a subscription paid annually, though a seven day free trial will also be available. There’s more good news for those who already subscribe to Sky Cinema as they will be entitled to Paramount+ at no extra cost. Customers will be able to access ?the service on Apple, Amazon, Google, Roku and Samsung platforms among others.

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