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May 13, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent season 1, episode 3.

In the first two instalments of The Essex Serpent, wealthy widow Cora Seaborne journeyed to the poverty stricken Essex coast to hunt for a mystical sea creature. The locals believe this beast has claimed one of their daughters and the community are adamant the devil is amongst them. Cora befriends logical vicar Will Ransome and together they try to calm the frantic townspeople. “Matters of the Heart” ends with neither Will nor Cora able to ease the town’s hysteria and Will’s own faith is quickly fading as well, swept up in all the madness. Here’s what happened in episode two of The Essex Serpent:

  • Cora decides to stay in town to investigate the flying serpent further. She rents a cottage, moving in with her son and servant. The locals take a disliking to the widow and shun her from Gracie’s funeral. Cora has nightmares of the serpent and her abusive dead husband.
  • Martha (Cora’s servant) travels back to London to retrieve the Seaborne’s items, taking the train with the two doctors. Martha is a confident socialist, who wishes to make great changes in society, whilst the doctors are on the verge of completing the first successful heart operation.
  • Back in London, Dr. Luke Garrett manages to perform the operation and is heralded as a lifesaving innovator. His assistant George and Martha care for the recovering patient, who lives in squalor. Martha decides to write to the local politician about the housing conditions.
  • Naomi tells Will that she saw the sea monster, but Will reassures her it’s just fear she is seeing. Although later, Will and Cora see a mirage that goes towards testing Will’s faith.
  • Cora asks to teach the local school children about science and nature. The religious Matthew allows it but continually undermines Cora. The children ask questions about the flying serpent and the discussion descends into anarchy. The kids chant and thump the tables, which sends them into a trance. Naomi has a fit and all the children end up twitching on the floor. Cora seems unsure what to do. Will’s daughter fetches her father to help.

The Essex Serpent season 1, episode 3 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 20th, 2022. The release time is 12 am PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Essex Serpent season 1, episode 3 on Apple TV+ at the date mentioned above.


  • Cora will be rejected even further in the community after her discussion with the school children turned into absolute chaos. She will more than likely become an outcast in town and people may start to take their worries out on her.
  • Will’s faith will continue to be tested as further strange happenings descend upon the community. There could be further sightings of the sea serpent or more satanic signs for the locals to overthink. He will turn to Cora for advice.
  • Luke’s successful surgery will push him into the limelight, yet there may be repercussions. Subsequent operations may not go as well and he might be sued or ousted from the profession.
  • Will Cora and Mr. Ransome spot the sea serpent? Will the creature strike again?

You can watch this series with a subscription to Apple TV+.

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