The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who is Maggie McPherson?

May 13, 2022
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This article, “who is Maggie McPherson,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1.

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Neve Campbell played Maggie McPherson, known to her family, friends, and colleagues as “McFierce,” because of her unrelenting effort to hold up justice by any means necessary. Maggie is the ex-wife of defense attorney Mickey Haller. She divorced him because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. She is a mother to a teenager named Hayley, who is her mother’s child, as she sees everyone as guilty through a projector’s lens. Unlike Haller’s second ex-wife, Lorna, she is skeptical of Mickey’s progress. She doesn’t have the time to baby him. She has a child to raise and the people of Los Angeles to protect.

So, that begs the question:

Who is Maggie McPherson in season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Maggie McPherson is the ex-wife of Mickey Haller and a rising star in the District Attorney’s office. She is currently prosecuting a man named Angelo Soto, a businessman who runs a sex trafficking ring.

What does Maggie McPherson do?

McFierce just lost a witness. She strangely doesn’t show that much emotion about it. Even when the man wanted not to take the witness stand against Soto, while his daughter gave her a snow cone from an ice cream truck, she was nonchalant in her response. She tells him it was his call, but he came to them. If you do not, it will hurt their case.

He did not walk away, but he left in a body bag. Soto kills him. And with the help of Detective Lankford, they turn a witness to be their mole. Soto’s girlfriend is now pregnant with his child. They even have her wear a wire, but the recording was inconclusive, so she needs to testify.

The only issue is the case that haunts Mickey, Jesus Menendez, is connected to this case because Detective Lankford had a fellow officer harass a witness, Gloria. Because she skipped town, Menendez was convicted. This ruins Maggie’s case against Soto because Lankford is corrupt. The case is dropped, and Soto goes free. That is until she gives the evidence to the U.S. Attorney, and they take it from there.

Maggie also was giving Mickey a second chance, and they restarted Sunday dinners as a family. But after this setback, because Mickey didn’t trust her enough to tell her what Lankford did, she puts a hold on things. Mickey tells her that he will wait, but she tells him in one word before leaving, “Don’t.”

McFierce, indeed.

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