Halo Season 2 – predictions, theories, and what may happen next

By M.N. Miller
Published: May 19, 2022 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Halo Season 2 - predictions, theories, and what may happen next

This article contains predictions and theories for Halo Season 2, and will contains major spoilers for the first season.

Read our spoiler-free Season 1 review of Halo.

Episode 9, “Transcendence,” closes the end of an uneven freshman season for Halo. The good news is the show hit its stride with the last three episodes and left some significant plot developments for the second season.

  • Kai killed Makee to wake Master Chief out of his (love) trance. This ruins the Covenant’s plans because they needed their Blessed one (Makee) and the Demon (Master Chief) to map their path to their Great Journey.
  • Halsey escaped UNSC by using a clone. The last time we see the good doctor, she is on an unknown planet, officially a wanted criminal.
  • Master Chief, to take the artifacts and save his team, sacrifices himself so Cortana can take over his body and find a way to do both. His last words are, “Find the Halo, win the war.”

Let’s explore what may happen next season!

Halo Season 2 predictions, theories, and what may happen next

A change in leadership?

The showrunner will change in the second season. David Weiner (Brave New World) will be the series’ fourth showrunner (that is not a typo) in a short time frame. I would expect changes to the show to become more loyal to the video game franchise’s core fanbase. Paramount+ put over 200 million dollars into the Halo budget, betting big on the series’ success. My plea would be to give the fans an even/minimum amount of action in each episode that remains consistent. For instance, the quality of the special effects appeared to have varied dramatically between the pilot and the last episode.

All things great and small

Makee did not lead an attack on UNSC. The Master Chief took the fight to them. They managed to escape with the artifacts, which will allow UNSC to find the halo and win the war. My prediction will be that the second season leads to the fight we have all been waiting for: The Human-Covenant War (also called The Great War.)

The fate of Master Chief

In the video game series, while Cortana was supposed to take over Master Chief’s body, she served as a partner instead. In the season finale, in a stark change, Master Chief sacrifices himself so Cortana can take over and save the keystones and the silver team. That raises the question if Master Chief is dead? They left the door open when Cortana told him, “I don’t know if I will be able to bring you back.” It was very interesting that, finally, by the end of the season, the man under Cortana’s control does not take his helmet off and does not talk. This is the closest thing we have had to a Master Chief we know in the video game — the main complaint from much of the core fanbase. My gut feeling is that it will be a crucial plot point that could be a focus of the next episode. Or a season-long theme with an eventual return to the helmetless one.

Reach for the stars

Will there be a Fall of Reach in season two? Halo is supposed to be a standalone series, but so much has been covered, and this was the deadliest defeat in the history of The Human-Covenant War (which was mainly discussed in spinoff works). Could this be a significant plot point in the second season? This idea gives me an Empire Strikes Back vibe.

Doctor’s orders

Dr. Halsey is in on the run from the UNSC but plays a significant role in the Human-Covenant War. They will need to bring her back into the fold to help strengthen the Spartan program and truly utilize Cortana in ways no one thought imaginable. Like having Cortana being able to access the Forerunner Keystone to help win the war.

A potential spin-off?

What about Yerin Ha’s Kwan Ha and Bokeem Woodbine’s Soren? There was great potential in their standalone episode of taking Madrigal. Could this storyline be wrapped up as both move to just guest stars in the second season? Or was this episode, Master Chief free, created for a potential spinoff series? The mysterious Mystics in the episode titled “Inheritance” have endless storyline possibilities.

One more thing…

Can we limit the number of naked backside shots while a Spartan stares into the mirror to one per year?

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