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By Kira Comerford
Published: May 20, 2022
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Bosch: Legacy season 1, episodes 9 and 10 preview, release date and where to watch online

This article contains predictions for Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episodes 9 and 10.

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The recent episodes of Bosch: Legacy saw a number of significant developments in all of the narrative threads that look set to make the season’s conclusion next week a very interesting one.

Here’s a closer look at what happened in “One of Your Own” and “Bloodline”:

  • Bosch tracked down Dominick Santanello’s living relatives – his girlfriend Gabriela and their daughter Vibiana, plus a grandson, meaning the Vance estate now has a handful of very real beneficiaries.
  • The LAPD tracked down the man responsible for the shooting of Paulina, but when they catch up with him and his girlfriend, a shootout ensues and the two of them end up dead, resulting in a civil case that could test Maddie and Chandler’s relationship owing to both parties being on different sides of the incident.
  • Bosch took a harder look into the Basu case and discovered a lot of details seem to have been carefully omitted from the official investigative record, which arouses his suspicions about what is really going on there.

Bosch: Legacy season 1, episodes 9 and 10 release date

The next episodes is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime’s FreeVee channel on Friday, May 27th, 2022, and will be the last episodes of season 1.

Where to watch Bosch: Legacy online

As mentioned above, Bosch: Legacy season 1, episodes 9 and 10 will air on Amazon Prime’s FreeVee channel. Membership is included for free within your Amazon account.


The end is nigh for this pilot season of Bosch: Legacy, which can only mean that the next two episodes will be big, but will also tee things up nicely for the next season which has already been commissioned. Expect many storylines to get tied up, with a couple being allowed to spill over into season two.

In the meantime, here’s what could go down in episodes 9 and 10:

  • Bosch and Chandler’s run-ins with the Russians will come to a head. We know that the Russians are well aware of both of them, and I’m sure that that CCTV freeze-frame could become pertinent once again. I’m unsure of what will happen with Chandler, but as far as Bosch is concerned, everyone who is out to get him for one reason or another could end up cancelling each other out. Say what you like about him, he can be a lucky guy at times.
  • Maddie’s loyalties to the force and what is right are going to be tested in the wake of the Sharp/Davis shooting. We know that she’s suffered some moral conflict on more than one occasion since she’s been in training, and I think this case is going drag that into the limelight once more.
  • The Basu case remains very open at this point. All of the information that has been left off of the record makes for very interesting reading, and will surely uncover something that by this point has to be more than some poor man being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clearly it’s a matter that concerns someone Basu was working with given he meetings he was having with the medical board, but that doesn’t explain the details missing from the official investigation docs. I’m intrigued to see where this one goes

You can watch this series by heading to Amazon Prime FreeVee.

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