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May 20, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series Shining Girls season 1, episode 7.

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As per the case with the previous episodes of Shining Girls, it was another excellent episode. And this time, we actually gained a little understanding as to what the hell is going on. Here’s what happened in the fifth episode:

  • After fighting in the First World War, Harper befriends Leo.
  • After uncovering a house that takes him to different time eras Harper takes his flame, Klara, and Leo to different timelines.
  • He finds a watch that may be vital to what is going on.
  • Whilst with Klara in the “punk” era, Harper and Klara meet Kirby, who serves them at the bar.
  • After Harper likely beats Klara to death, he watches Kirby at the bar.

Shining Girls season 1, episode 7 release date/time.

The seventh episode, titled “Offset”, is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 27th, 2022, at midnight PT. This is the seventh of eight total episodes airing weekly between now and Friday, June 3rd, 2022.

Where to watch

Shining Girls will air exclusively on Apple TV+. Based on a US subscription, the streaming app will cost $4.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial for new users or three months free when you buy an Apple product. 


With some light finally shed on how Harper travels to different timelines, it feels like we’re going to focus on Kirby’s story in the next episode. But in a show where anything feels possible, here are some predictions as to what might occur:

  • As previously predicted, Kirby and Dan will follow up on the military lead and learn that he fought in the First World War.
  • Will they learn that Klara was his first victim? But considering we never saw a body, is there a slight chance that she is alive?
  • I still believe that Harper will murder Leo.
  • Kirby and Dan will learn about the existence of “the house” and travel to different eras to locate Harper.

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