Night Sky season 1 – who is Franklin York?

May 20, 2022
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Who is Franklin York in Night Sky season 1 - amazon series

This article, “who is Franklin York” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1.

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They say opposites attract and Franklin seems like the complete antithesis of Irene through most of the season. The way he deals with situations, his approach to grief and the alien chamber, for that matter, are all completely different to Irene’s. Even his health issues differ from Irene’s. In the opening episode it becomes apparent that Franklin’s memory is slipping, whilst Irene’s mobility and deteriorating mental state are the issue. Franklin stands by his wife throughout all this tragedy and existential mayhem, proving to be the perfect husband, but he has his own story to tell in this sci-fi drama too.

Who is Franklin York in Night Sky season 1?

The retired woodworker is Irene’s husband and the father to Michael York. He has been madly in love with his wife for over fifty years now and adores their life they have carved out together in suburban Farnsworth, Illinois. This logical and simplistic individual takes things as they come and works at a steady pace. He’s a realist, who’s grown tired of the alien chamber and its unfathomable mysteries. In the premiere episode, he’s happy enough to pass on the secrets of the alien world to his granddaughter Denise, but Irene still wants to solve the riddle first, by herself. They take a stroll down memory lane and teleport to the planet for what feels like the last time, bathing in the extraterritorial light. A simple man of simple means, this unexplainable madness really does baffle him, yet he sticks around for Irene’s sake.

Franklin can be a grumpy and surly man as well. He takes a strong disliking to nosey neighbor Byron from the off and is painfully rude to the man on many occasions. It’s quite sweet how they go from enemies to the best of friends by the finale. Byron is persistent and eventually works his magic on the tough exterior of Franklin, who’s actually a softie underneath it all. They bond over pool, beer and the alien portal to another dimension. Byron manages to restart the machine and together they journey back to the viewing platform. Franklin can’t bring himself to step outside into the unknown, allowing Byron this opportunity alone. He is genuinely fearful for Byron’s safety and finds his own bravery in episode eight where he leads a rescue mission to find his missing neighbor, putting his own life at risk.

The husband also supports his wife through their bereavement, when their son takes his own life. He acts as Irene’s rock, standing by her through this hardship. He even cuts down an enormous tree in their back garden, which reminds Irene of Michael. Whilst digging up the roots he discovers the bunker to the alien portal beneath, something Irene takes as an undeniable sign. Franklin more than likely sees this as coincidental, not hung up on fate or the supernatural. He was happily in love with Irene and didn’t need anything more. A man who was content with his lot in life, until tragedy struck.

As Franklin’s memory starts to lapse and he becomes more forgetful, actor J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) brings a vulnerability and fragility to his character. It is a stirring turn, the seasoned actor completely losing himself in the role. Franklin can’t quite accept his fate and powers on, ignoring advice from professionals, friends and family. When Jude comes into their lives, he tries to pay the man off, but eventually sees the joy he brings to Irene and relents. He accepts Jude as their caretaker, only to humor Irene. Time and time again, this man sacrifices everything for the love of his life. It is commendable and heart-breaking to watch, but this undying, unconditional love finally pays off in the end. Irene saves Franklin from imminent death and the couple then find a hidden community on the alien planet. A slight reprieve for Franklin, who can now welcome a reinvigorated Irene back into his life and journey forward with his wife into the exciting unknown.

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