Night Sky season 1 – who is Jude?

May 20, 2022
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This article, “who is Jude” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1.

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Night Sky’s premiere ends on an exciting cliff-hanger, with Irene just about to exit the alien viewing platform and step out onto the alien planet, when a stranger appears before her. This man, struggling to breathe, writhing around on the floor, is none other than Jude. The enigmatic drifter manages to manipulate his way into the York’s lives and becomes their caretaker, yet the stranger has many dark secrets in his past that the show begins to explore.

Who is Jude in Night Sky season 1?

Played by Chai Hansen, Jude is an elusive and mysterious individual. The stranger is adamant he has no memory of his previous life and seems more than happy to keep under the radar at the York’s household. Yet as the show progresses, Jude’s murky history grows ever clearer. The amnesiac wishes to find his missing father Gabe and with the York family’s help, starts to piece together his dad’s whereabouts. He becomes the York’s caretaker and brings Irene out of her depression, allowing her to channel her love for Michael into a new son. But who exactly is this Jude?

It is established early on that Jude is a runaway, who Stella refers to as an ‘apostate’. He escaped this strange community on the alien planet and used the York’s portal to return to earth, in the search for his father. Jude was attacked whilst fleeing this cult community and ended up killing the man who tried to stop him from escaping. Jude was strangled by this opponent, which explains the state Irene finds him in. He stabbed the man to death in retaliation, with Franklin later finding the body.

The cult community sent forth Stella, their Guardian, to locate and murder Jude for his treachery. Jude hides out at the Yorks and tries to build a new life for himself in Farnsworth. He removes a tracking device from his leg, so the Guardian’s cannot find him, and starts to search for his father, following one fresh lead after another. This determination to find his biological father is possibly driven by the hopes of gaining some closure, vital answers or a friend in his hour of need. Jude manipulates the Yorks into taking pity on him, yet inevitably he outstays his welcome. On the day the Argentinians descend upon Farnsworth, Jude was planning to leave anyway. Stella shoots at Jude and eventually the whole gang are tied up in the York’s living room. Crime boss Cornelius wants Jude dead, but Stella has a change of heart and refuses to kill him.

In the season finale, Jude and his possible new love interest Denise head to Bangkok via the teleportation device, to continue their hunt for Gabe. This romance between Jude and Denise has slowly developed over time, with Denise originally suspicious of the stranger, then slowly growing enamored by him. When he talks of his past, it becomes evidently clear that he lived a very different life, unaware of popular music and shot glasses. The cult community on the alien planet must follow an unusual existence, with its own unique cultures that will hopefully be explored in a second season. Jude’s journey in Night Sky is an odd one, with the quiet character appearing quite alien at times, then in other moments painfully human. Hopefully Denise will bring him out of his shell and he will find what he’s looking for in life when reunited with his father.

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