Night Sky season 1 – who is Stella?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 20, 2022
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Who is Stella in Night Sky season 1 - amazon prime series

This article, “who is Stella” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1.

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After a solid debut instalment, Night Sky left the warm comforts of suburban America and journeyed to distant llama country in Argentina for episode two. This surprising detour introduced viewers to a whole new subplot involving hired killers, more alien chambers and a cult community with its own strange mythology. The Argentinian segment concentrates on Stella, a mother, farmer and (of course) deadly assassin. Her offbeat résumé makes for quite the unique character arc and like most of the Night Sky cast she has many dark secrets in her past.

Who is Stella in Night Sky season 1?

The Argentinian mother is the gatekeeper to an alien portal, which is hidden under a chapel on her great expanse of farm land. The llamas acting as a nice cover for this unimaginable and powerful secret buried underground. Even her daughter Toni is unaware of her mother’s double life and the magical mysteries she conceals. Toni is a normal teenager, who wishes to make friends and socialize like any other adolescent. When she is hurled into Stella’s espionage world, the duo are uprooted and sent on a mystical adventure.

Stella’s boss Cornelius assigns them their mission, she is to hunt down and kill the traitor Jude. The apostate has fled the community and must be made an example of. As a Guardian, Stella is duty-bound to fulfil this assignment and takes Toni along for the ride. It is implied that Stella has hunted and killed many more before this, yet this brutal aspect of her life is never fully visualized or actually verbalized once. There is a flashback of her witnessing her father killing a runaway, but her murderous ways are side-lined. This may be a ploy by the filmmakers who want to make her character more likeable, but she is a stone-cold killer after all.

The single mother changes her ways though, thanks to the innocence and honesty of Toni. Her daughter, who is shoehorned into this misadventure, is shocked to see this side to her mother and pleads for her to stop following orders so blindly. Her mother never complains and ignorantly believes all she’s told. Stella was indoctrinated into this lifestyle due to her father and this cult upbringing, it is the only life she’s known. She felt compelled to protect the portal and was trapped in this criminal world, although Toni opens her eyes to a freeing alternative. In the end, faced with killing Jude or breaking all ties with the community, she decides to reprimand Cornelius instead. An act that will surely make her an outcast and put a price upon her head. This dangerous decision is beyond brave and truly life-changing for Stella, one that she could not have achieved alone, in part thanks to the wisdom of teen Toni.

The mother and daughter combo pack up their belongings and leave the York family for good. With the villainous Cornelius tied up in the van, they head into the unknown. Although in the final moments of episode eight, their van is attacked and the trio are captured. Stella’s future hangs in the balance, but her character is on the right path, heading towards forgiveness and redemption. Hopefully she will avoid death and return to her new, moral existence.

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