Night Sky season 1 – Why does Hannah want revenge?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 20, 2022
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Night Sky season 1 – Why does Hannah want revenge - amazon prime series

This article, “Why does Hannah want revenge” contains spoilers regarding Amazon Prime Video’s Night Sky season 1.

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Jude spends most of the first season of Night Sky searching for his long-lost father, whilst on the run from killer farmers, named ominously: the Guardians. His investigating leads him to an empty B&B in Michigan, owned by the mysterious Hannah. Lost actress Sonya Walger plays Hannah, a seemingly insignificant character who ends up playing a much larger role in the final two episodes of this sci-fi series. Her spy thriller antics and an intriguing altercation with Cornelius hint at a much deeper story lying below the surface, one filled with espionage and revolution. She clearly longs to seek revenge upon the villainous Cornelius and maybe to a lesser extent Stella too, but why?

Night Sky season 1 – Why does Hannah want revenge?

We’re first introduced to Hannah in episode seven, “Lake Diving”, where Jude, Denise and Irene road trip to her abandoned residence. She states that the inn is completely empty, but later we glimpse into a hidden room and a man sat at a surveillance desk, spying on the Farnsworth folk. This unusual and admittedly absurd subplot is portrayed through vague exchanges of dialogue and tantalizing suggestions of a much broader story to be explored. Hannah wants answers from Jude, but doesn’t want to raise suspicions. She plays the jovial host and subtly interrogates the runaway.

Jude doesn’t suspect a thing and asks about his father, Gabe. Hannah says she knew the handyman quite well and that they were actually lovers for a period of time. Gabe worked at the B&B, clearly drifting from one destination to the next. He took a liking to Hannah and decided to stay long term. Although eventually the drifter moved on. She shows Jude the bedroom that Gabe used to call his own and the apostate finds cryptic, hand-drawn symbols in Gabe’s old books. In the finale he uses these symbols to journey to Bangkok, hoping to find his father once and for all.

Irene doesn’t trust the woman and rightfully so, the hotel owner has ulterior motives that only come to the forefront in the season finale. Stella and Toni drive off into the sunset with their criminal boss captor Cornelius, but are soon driven off the road. The van flips and crashes, then secret agents descend upon the scene. Hannah isn’t far behind, leading this assault, obviously being the main culprit in this attack. She talks with Cornelius, implying that the two have a history and that Hannah was once an apostate herself.

It is easy to assume that Hannah wants revenge on Cornelius, with the filmmakers heavily inferring to this in episode eight. If Hannah was an apostate then she would have been hunted and attacked by the Guardians, just like Jude was. She must have escaped this pursuit and planned her revenge. It’s interesting that countless runaways have departed the community, which means the haven isn’t quite the utopia it is painted to be. Hannah left the alien planet for a new life, dodged the Guardians and managed to seek her revenge. The pursuit may have lasted years and would have been an arduous experience for Hannah. Something major must have happened to elicit such a response. It is likely that Cornelius either leaded this attack or was the main perpetrator. He probably tortured her or maimed Hannah in this hunt. The mental and physical damage he waged upon Hannah would very likely have caused her to grow bitter and vengeful. Now she finally has him in her grips, what fresh horrors will she submit him to?

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