Stranger Things season 4 – what happened at The Massacre at the Hawkins Lab?

By M.N. Miller
Published: May 27, 2022
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Stranger Things season 4 – what happened at The Massacre at the Hawkins Lab - Netflix series

This article, “what happened at The Massacre at the Hawkins Lab,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4.

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The powers that be decided to entice all the Stranger Things freaks and geeks like myself with an eight-minute opening scene previewing the season premiere, “The Hellfire Club.” In an intense, terrifying eight minutes, it is 1979, and Dr. Martin Brenner is working with one of his subjects, a young boy named Ten. They are working on his telepathic skills, and I must say, even though we have evidence he is a real son of a bitch, he has a real comfortable, adoring way about him when working with the children. They all even call him Papa.

Ten is enjoying himself until he tries to locate Dr. Ellis and Six with his mind and sees they are dead. Brenner hears screams and cries. It is thrown in his face when he opens the door, and he is knocked out cold.

Stranger Things season 4 – what happened at The Massacre at the Hawkins Lab?

Dr. Brenner wakes up and finds Ten dead. He sees countless guards, orderlies, medical personnel, and the children dead and even disfigured when he walks the halls. All of them also are missing their eyes. He reaches the beloved Rainbow room and finds Eleven, just a tiny child, the only one alive. She turns around, and she has blood dripping all around her eyes.

He asks, what have you done?

Did Eleven kill everyone at the lab?

Well, she saved you, Doctor. At this time, in these flashbacks, Eleven cannot use her powers. An orderly named Peter Ballard took Eleven under his wing and paid particular attention to her. He plants a seed that Dr. Brenner is not a good person. Why? Because Peter tells Eleven that her mother did not die during childbirth but was taken away from her. He tells her this to cut Dr. Ballard’s influence, and Peter says to use that fear/anger to bring her abilities to the surface. This directly contradicts what Dr. Brenner wants his pupils to do. However, during a contest of trying to telepathically move a person outside a circle (kind of like telepathic sumo wrestling), she defeats a teenage boy named Two by using these dark feelings.

Peter tells Eleven that Two and three others will kill her and Dr. Brenner knows about it. He helps her escape, and she wants him to come with her. However, he cannot leave because of an implant he has in his neck to track him. This reveal is puzzling because why would a typical, ordinary medical assistant have a tracker? She uses her powers to pull it from his neck, though.

However, the big reveal is Peter has the same powers as Eleven. The tracker in his neck was suppressing them. He then leaves her in the janitor closet and he is the one who then went through the Lab and was responsible for the Hawkins lab massacre.

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