Stranger Things season 4 – who is Vecna?

May 27, 2022
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This article, “who is Vecna,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4.

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Stranger Things season 4 – who is Vecna?

Per the main characters in Stranger Things, Vecna can be found in Dungeons and Dragons. He is an undead creature of great powers. He is a spell caster and/or a dark wizard. The villain of Stranger Things‘ fourth season lives in the Upside Down. He is a hideous-looking creature with green, black, scaley skin, and vines for hair. He derives his powers by plugging into his web of dark secrets. That includes eight vines that plug into his back so that when someone steps on one, he senses a victim or impending threats.

What does Vecna do in season 4?

Vecna has the power to explore psychological stress and mental health issues in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Anyone suffering from depression, nightmares, and insomnia, he can use that to psychologically take control of them. When someone feels guilty about doing something wrong, mainly when someone has died, he can target them and open a gate. Once that gate is open, he puts that person in a trance and terrorizes them over their misdeeds. Once he has control over their mind, their bodies stay on the Right Side Up, but they are stuck in a nightmare with Vecna in the Upside Down.

As we talked about the character of Eddie Munson, he murders a high school cheerleader named Chrissy. He ends a reporter on the school paper’s life, Fred, who feels guilty over a car accident that killed a family the summer before. He targets a basketball player named Patrick, suffering from anxiety and depression over abuse at home. Vecna also goes after our sweet (well, more spunky than anything) redhead Max. She suffers from those mental health symptoms after the death of her stepbrother, Billy. She can escape the trance and his clutches. By the end of the season, he captures Nancy’s guilt over Barb’s death.

However, the season ends with Vecna explaining to Nancy his backstory, and we will not know her fate until Stranger Things returns in July. We have plenty to think about because the dark wizard explains that his father was Victor Creel.

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