Who returns from the dead in Stranger Things season 4?

May 27, 2022
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This article, “Who returns from the dead in Stranger Things season 4?,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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At the end of Stranger Things’ breathtaking third season, many may have missed the Marvel-style post-credits scene. While most of us had been taken back by the fact that the Russian military appears to have their Demodog, a few realized what the prison guards were talking about when they grabbed a prisoner. In a scene that may be the equivalent of, “Leave the gun, grab the cannolis,” the guard told his partner to leave the American. They then proceeded to grab his next-door neighbor.

Who returns from the dead in Stranger Things season 4?

Jim Hopper is Alive!

In what has been the worst kept secret in Hollywood, in chapter three, “The Monster and The Superhero,” David Harbour is back as Jim Hopper, but as a Russian prisoner. It turns out that when he gave Joyce the okay to blow the machine that was trying to open the latest Upside Down Gate, he leaped for his life and somehow survived. As he was crawling up the metal stairs, the remaining Russians came across him and took him back home to the Motherland.

For the rest of the season, Hopper attempts to escape the prison and survive being a protein-building snack for the Demodog they are trying to weaponize. He ends up surviving the monster encounter with the help of Joyce, Murray, and Dmitri. He is later embraced by Joyce and has a look of shock at that moment.

That is the last time we see Hopper in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 before the season ends.

Dr. Martin Brenner is Alive!

In what must be the best-kept secret in Hollywood, when Dr. Owens convinces Eleven to save the world with him. She comes across an old friend when they arrive at his top-secret Nevada lab. Owens introduces her to the staff, who gave up their lives and career to help, Dr. Martin Brenner walks down the stairs, and El is understandably in shock.

The last time we saw “Papa,” he was attacked and looked to be killed by a Demodog. However, in a later episode, an orderly referred to Brenner, hinting he may be alive (when I see someone being eaten by a Demodog, I bet on Demodog every time). There is no explanation of how he survived, but he is there to help Eleven regain her powers.

Much of the season for Brenner is spent reliving the days up to the Hawkins Lab Massacre. We believe that Brenner may be a bad guy for much of it. While the good Doc is not exactly innocent, he wants his subjects to bring out their powers the right way, without hate or anger. Brenner slowly gets Eleven to realize that One/Peter Ballard/Henry/Vecna caused the massacre. In doing so, this is the first step in her regaining her powers to defeat the dark wizard who is terrorizing Hawkins, Indiana.

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