Interceptor ending explained – can JJ stop the nuclear missiles in time?

June 3, 2022
Kira Comerford 0
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This article contains major spoilers for Interceptor’s ending. You can check out our spoiler-free review by clicking these words.

Interceptor follows JJ (Elsa Pataky) as she fights to save America from a coordinated attack that could see the country and everyone who lives there wiped from existence. She and her years of training are all that stand between 300 million people and total nuclear annihilation.

As the realization begins to dawn on Kessler (Luke Bracey) that he’s never going to be able to go through JJ, he decides to activate an insurance policy that should — in theory — remove her from the picture entirely. This involves sinking the interceptor rig so that the counter missiles cannot be launched in response to an attempted nuclear strike. After pulling the trigger, the vessel will be submerged within a matter of minutes, and given the arrival of the incoming SEAL team predicted to take much longer than that, it’s Kessler’s only option that gives him any chance of success.

Kessler activates the protocol, which means JJ and Shah (Mayen Mehta) have to turn their attention to things they can do that might help to keep the rig above the surface for as long as possible. Shah goes below deck to a switchboard to flick some switches that will buy them a few more minutes above sea level. Whilst down below, however, Beaver – the mole within their crew – confronts him and shoots him dead, meaning that the 17 minutes Shah has been able to buy her is all JJ is going to get.

This means she has to be in a position to be able to fire the counter missiles before that time period is up. In order to do that, she has one option, and that is to allow Kessler access to the command centre so that he can launch the nukes so that she can take them out before the interceptor rig is fully submerged. Of course, this is something that relies on JJ’s ability to regain access to the command centre after she’s given it up to the opposition. Given that it’s the only option that doesn’t entirely condemn the United States to total annihilation before it’s even started, JJ takes her chances, and succeeds… only to find that the button for launching the interceptor missiles has been destroyed.

Thinking on her feet, JJ spots one last chance that may not result in the deaths of over 300 million people – a gaming laptop belonging to Beaver that he left in the command centre before going rogue. She takes it to the roof, along with a hard drive from the main computer system and starts to install the program that will enable her to launch the counter missiles when the time comes. However, before she can hit ‘launch,’ Beaver catches up with her. The two of them fight, which ends in Beaver getting decapitated, and JJ falling into the waters surrounding the rig. What follows is a race against time back up to the top of the rig before the window to launch the interceptors closes. JJ makes it with with literal milliseconds to spare, leaving her and Kessler to duke it out when he doesn’t take his failure too well. However, the fighting is disrupted by the rise of a submarine from the water – Kessler’s ticket out of there… or is it? The lid flips open, and an officer emerges, followed quickly by a sniper who fires off a round which hits Kessler in the chest, striking him dead. The officer acknowledges JJ, before dropping back down in to the submarine.

When we next see JJ, she is recovering in hospital. There, she receives a couple of visitors – one being the President, who hands her a new job in the National Security service, and the next is her father, who apparently didn’t die at the hands of Kessler’s men thanks to an intervention by his fellow veteran buddies. 

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