Next Time On… Barry season 3, episode 8

June 6, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the HBO series Barry season 3, episode 8.

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Barry was not murdered and walked out of Sharon’s house after she ran off after covering his foaming face with a table cloth. Barry alternates between a hallucination where he stands with all his victims on a beach and Mr. Madison holding him in the back seat of his car with a revolver in his hand. The last time we see Barry, he is still poisoned, being taken into a hospital, and Ryan’s father has a hole in his temple. He shot himself.

  • Mr. Moss takes Fuches to the police station and thinks he is the one who killed his daughter until he hears the police tell him that Gene also fingered Barry for the murder weeks earlier.
  • Albert is in the same room and now wants to question Fuches alone because Barry again has come up as a suspect by two more people.
  • Moss questions Gene about Barry’s involvement and sees the sweat coming from his forehead defending Barry’s innocence.
  • Sally is fired from the new writing gig she landed and is dropped by her agent. Why? Because she berated Natalie for stealing her idea for a show she now has in production. Natalie tapes her on her cell phone, telling her, “You entitled f*****g c**t!” a couple of dozen times. She posted it on the internet a few moments later.
  • No-Ho Hank heads to Bolivia to find Cristobal and is immediately captured by the cartel. He hears the rest of his team, including Akhmal, and they are planning an escape.

Barry season 3, episode 8, release date/time

Barry season 3, episode 8, will be released on June 12th, 2022, at 7 PM EST/10 PM PST, exclusively on HBO.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, Barry season 3, episode 8 can be watched exclusively on HBO and HBO Max. The streaming platform is available with plans as low as $9.99 a month.


Let’s explore what may happen next week!

  • It appears now not only Albert but Mr. Moss is on the hot trail of Barry. Where Albert will most likely arrest Barry, Janice’s father may want to kill him. Could this be the one way Barry gets out of this predicament? By having each kill each other over trying to control Barry’s fate?
  • Another possibility may be Albert feels he owes Barry for some reason.
  • How many times can Barry go without killing off a significant character? The one that screams eventual flower food is Fuches. It will not shock me if he meets his maker in the finale. There is also the matter of Hank in the compound. How will he escape torture from Elena, Cristobal’s wife? Something tells me he makes it out okay.
  • Sally is now at rock bottom, and this will leave her with one option to get back with Barry.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if Bill Hader and Alec Berg were screwing with us and killing Barry in the finale, making it a de facto series finale? Probably not, but I want it on record. I predicted it just if a show ever has the stones to do it. (Yes, we know the series had a renewal announcement a couple of weeks ago).
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