Next Time On… P-Valley season 2, episode 3 – “The Dirty Dozen”

June 12, 2022
Jonathon Wilson 2
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This article is a preview for P-Valley season 2, episode 3, “The Dirty Dozen”, and may contains spoilers for previous episodes. 

This week’s episode of P-Valley introduced some perhaps ill-advised supernatural elements, but then again with all the changes happening in and around Chucalissa post-pandemic, this is probably the least of anyone’s problems. Here’s where things stand ahead of next week’s episode:

  • Hailey brought in some new talent in the form of Whisper, Roulette, and Big Bone. Mercedes wasn’t thrilled about this, and during the re-re-re-opening of The Pynk, she overexerted herself on the pole, with her dodgy shoulder causing a serious accident.
  • Diamond diagnoses Mercedes’s shoulder injury as seven pounds of spiritual pressure, which he removes and weights. He theorizes since this is the same amount of pressure required to pull a gun’s trigger, it’s related to the death of Montavius.
  • Derrick manages to get Diamond fired from the dollar store, but he isn’t able to prevent Keyshawn from going on tour with Lil Murda.

P-Valley season 2, episode 3 release date

“The Dirty Dozen” is slated for release on Sunday, June 19, exclusively on Starz. It’ll be the third of a planned ten episodes airing between now and August 5, 2022.

Where to watch P-Valley online

As mentioned above, P-Valley is exclusive to Starz, which is available in a variety of ways on many devices. Cable customers can check their channel guide on where to find Starz, while the channel’s offerings are also available live or on-demand via Starz is also available on Hulu for $2.99 a month for three months and on streaming platforms like Sling TV, Direct TV Stream and Philo. Episodes of P-Valley are also available on Prime Video, The Roku Channel, Vudu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Apple TV and Google Play.

Predictions for the next episode:

  • So, we’re dealing with the outright supernatural now? Whisper seems to have some “powers” as well as Diamond — are we going to see this explored further?
  • I think it’s a safe bet that Andre’s politically-oriented flashbacks mean he’ll be running for mayor.
  • It seems like we’re building towards an eventual reconciliation between Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford, but with him being on tour that probably won’t happen any time soon.
  • Speaking of which, it’s only a matter of time until Derrick decides he doesn’t like what Keyshawn is up to and tries to punish her for it.
  • Diamond will inevitably return to work at the Pynk.
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