Heart Parade ending explained – does Magda find true love?

June 15, 2022
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This article explains the ending of the Netflix film Heart Parade, which will contain spoilers.

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As we reach the final act, Magda has got herself into a twist. Her ex has betrayed her by stealing the footage she had recorded of the planned parade, and her romantic interest — the widower and sculpturer Krzysztof — finds out that she has lied about why she visited them in the first place. Of course, Magda is a careerist, so her intention at the time was to save her career after losing that critical promotion. However, she never intended to be swooned by a man in the process, so it’s “complicated” as we reach the end.

Fortunately for Magda, those close to Krzysztof advise him to hear her side of the story.

Netflix film Heart Parade ending explained

As the film draws closer to the end, Magda’s career looks saved, and she’s able to embed herself back into the company that once fired her. As for Krzysztof, he’s enjoying the parade and festival that has finally arrived.

Magda chooses to love. She leaves the office and heads to Krakow to meet Krzysztof. She explains herself and her feelings, and lo and behold, the pair embrace with a kiss. All his forgiven and forgotten in true rom-com nature. Was it worth the wait? Not really. However, there’s a lot to be said thematically in this film. There’s nothing wrong with being a careerist and enjoying what you do; however, it’s equally important to find joys in life that make you content and happy. After batting off her extremely narcissistic ex-partner and embracing a new community, Magda found out what else is important outside a career.

So, in the end, Magda does find true love. By letting go, allowing the universe to do its thing, and taking a leap of faith, the lead character managed to find someone who was worth the time.

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