The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1 – who is Jeremiah?

June 17, 2022
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This article, “who is Jeremiah,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1.

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Jeremiah may be a laidback joker, always in second place to Conrad, but he’s an interesting character in his own right. Let’s explore the younger Fisher brother in more detail.

Who is Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1?

Jeremiah Fisher is portrayed by Gavin Casalegno and is the fun, flirty brother competing for Belly’s affection. He is the country club’s resident hunk, with all the teenage girls idolizing over him. They all flirt with the life guard and constantly invite him to the debutante ball, but he always refuses. Jeremiah is clearly a heartthrob in the community, reeling off a list of all the people he has kissed. He is bisexual and can always be found topless or up to no good. He even waltzes with Belly inside the country club in nothing more than his swimming shorts.

The easy going, honest individual has a kind heart and always keeps things simple. His love for Belly is kept a secret for most of the season, but after seeing Conrad and Belly nearly kiss, his jealousy gets the better of him. He fires a firework in their direction to stop them from kissing. This sounds psychotic, but he is normally a relaxed joker. Maybe Belly brings out a different side to the teen? Once he sees the competition, Jeremiah shows Belly more attention. This ends in them eventually kissing whilst on a midnight swim.

Belly invites Jeremiah to the ball and all is going well, until Jeremiah discovers a horrifying secret. His mother has cancer and Conrad refused to tell him. He finds an email sent to Susannah about a risky trial treatment and is overcome with emotion. Unfortunately, this causes him to miss the waltz and Conrad jumps in to fill his place, dancing with Belly at the ball. Jeremiah loses his opportunity and is again out of favor with Belly.

He questions Conrad about the cancer and the two get into a skirmish on the dance floor. This secret really has an overwhelming impact on the brothers. Conrad turned inwards and sulked all summer, whilst the news completely breaks Jeremiah. The fight acting as an accumulation of all this tension. Jeremiah was a fun, free-spirited individual, but after the events of the summer it may have irreversible damage on the teen, who now has to help his mother through a troubling time. I think Jeremiah will step up to the plate and mature due to these experiences.

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