Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a Man vs. Bee season 2?

June 24, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a season 2 of the Netflix series Man vs. Bee and its renewed or cancelled status. This article contains spoilers.

Man vs. Bee is a nine-part comedy series from creators Rowan Atkinson (who also stars as our lead) and writer William Davies (of the Johnny English franchise). The simplistic plot surrounds a house sitter called Trevor, who is tasked with overseeing a luxurious, contemporary mansion filled with priceless artwork. While looking after the home, he is tormented by a mischievous bee that causes Trevor to then damage and destroys the expensive building. There are also subplots involving an allergic pet dog and a run-in with some rather idiotic thieves.

The first season was a hilarious, light-hearted comedy that made for a quick binge with its short and sweet episode structure. Each episode ranges from ten to twenty minutes in length (including credits). Rowan Atkinson is clearly on the top of his game in this goofy slapstick series, utilizing all his comedy experience to deliver an unforgettable performance as the buffoonish father and hopeless house sitter. The show has the potential for many more seasons, but will Netflix renew Man vs. Bee?

Will there be a season 2 of the Netflix series Man vs. Bee – renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC

The second season of Man vs. Bee is still pending over at Netflix headquarters, with no word yet as to whether the show will be renewed. Season one ended with Trevor fresh out of jail, having helped the police arrest the real criminal of the piece: Christian, the homeowner. Christian had orchestrated the whole scheme, hiring three thieves to rob his own house, which was full of fake art masterpieces. Trevor was immediately freed and managed to go on his dream holiday to the Isle of Wight with his daughter Maddy.

The show ended with Trevor fighting the infamous bee once again, which seems to have followed them on holiday. He’s clearly not learned a single thing from the whole experience and attacks the bee with the same intense rage as before. This premise has limitless potential and would easily work in subsequent follow-up seasons. You could take that storyline and plonk it in any setting for maximum effect. Trevor can fight that bee anywhere, leading to an array of hilarious shenanigans. If the first season is successful, I can imagine Netflix jumping to renew this show. Would you like to see a second season? As always, we’ll keep you posted on any updates in the pending renewal of Man vs. Bee.

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