Mind Over Murder (2022) episode 3 preview, release date and where to watch online

June 28, 2022
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This article is a preview of the HBO miniseries series Mind Over Murder episode 3, which includes details of the release date and where to watch online. 

With Netflix leading the streaming wars, it’s no surprise that HBO wants to release documentary series alongside their streaming service. After all, Netflix releases a flurry of true-crime and documentary series every month. If you haven’t added Mind Over Murder to your watch list already, then you may be intrigued by the premise of this weekly mini-series.

Mind Over Murder is a six-part true-crime series about the”Beatrice Six.” This group of individuals was convicted of a 1985 murder of a grandmother from Nebraska after five of the group confessed to the murder. The main intrigue to all this is that they were all innocent and exonerated in 2009 after new DNA evidence surfaced.

If you like a complex true-crime series, getting into the minds of false confessions, then this will be the series for you. Each episode will chronicle the bizarre scenario and psychology of what happened.

Mind Over Murder (2022) episode 3 release date

Episode 3 will be released on Monday, July 4th, 2022. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet.

Where to watch Mind Over Murder (2022) episode 3 online

Viewers can watch Mind Over Murder on HBO on the date above. The episodes will also be streaming on their streaming service, HBO Max.

How many episodes will the series have?

In total, season 1 will have 6 episodes, with the network releasing one episode a week and the finale airing on July 25th, 2022.

And more importantly, who is the cast?

Here is the main cast for the series:

  • Cara D’Adamo as Joann Taylor.
  • Tim Shelburne as Joseph White.
  • Noah Archibald as Joseph White.
  • Keara Benton as Debra Shelden.

Is there a trailer?

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