The Terminal List season 1 – what is The Terminal List?

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 1, 2022
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This article, “what is The Terminal List,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1.

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The Terminal List is an action-thriller series based on the best-selling book series by Jack Carr. The book is about Commander Jack Reece. He is a Navy SEAL in charge of a unit that was ambushed on a mission in Syria. Their target was a chemical weapons terrorist named Kalani. Things go wrong quickly. His entire team is killed (with the exception of one character who died when returning home). Reece thinks there is a conspiracy and there is an ambush. When Reece begins to suspect his head injury from the trap may be behind his paranoia, he goes to a local clinic for a CT scan. Except, when he wakes up, he is met by two assassins, sicarios, and he fights them off. He injures one and kills another. When he races home to ensure his family is safe, he finds his wife and nine-year-old daughter have been murdered.

While investigating their deaths, they go on his list every time he finds a suspect that had a direct hand, assisted, or profited in the conspiracy against him that led to his family’s passing. It is called “terminal” because, like terminal cancer, it’s a slow prediction of the inevitable – death.

Here is a list, in order, of the people on Lt. Commander Jack Reece’s list –  if you are on it, run.

The Terminal List season 1 – what is The Terminal List?

John Holder

He is the NCIS Detective that Reece thinks was dressed up as one of the sicarios that tried to kill him and, eventually, his family. It turns out Holder wasn’t there but did sell information to a man named Sean Agnon, an accounts manager at Capstone Industries.

Steve Horn

The owner of Capstone Industries holds a controlling interest in a pharmaceutical company, Nubellum. Horn bypassed human trials of a drug called RD-4895 that would avoid pathways that control trauma. The drug was doing well during testing but was pulled with no explanation. Horn then arranges a deal to experiment with the drug on Reece’s Navy SEAL team. When tests determined the team had developed carcinoma brain tumors, he sets an ambush for the team to be killed during an operation in Syria.

Sean Agnon

Given up by Holder, Reece interrogates and tortures him. He eventually gives up. It all had to do with RD-4895, which he knows nothing about. He also gives up another name besides his boss, Horn. A man named Marcus Boykin.

Marcus Boykin

A businessman with oil interests in Mexico and connections to Capstone. He was the one who arranged for the sicarios to enter the United States and try to make the Reece family’s deaths a homicide by a man who has PTSD.

El Navajas

One of the two sicarios who murdered Reece’s family escaped and suffered a left forearm injury.

Admiral Pillar

An admiral with a Jessup complex, he is head of the base where Reece was stationed. He profited off the experiment and attempted to cover it up.

Commander Cox

Cox is Pillar’s right-hand man and helped arrange the injections of RD-4895 and told the technician injecting the team it was B-12 shots. He also profited off the experiment and attempted to cover it up.

Captain Howard

The liaison between units and the brass, he also helped with arranging the drug, cover-ups, and gathering information to help with the said cover-ups. He also profited off experiments.

Secretary Hartley

The Secretary of Defense, Lorraine Hartley, arranged the secret experiment on Reece’s SEAL team. She made no profit off this but wanted to reduce troop numbers and tackle military trauma from personal experiences. As Reece said, she may not have profited off it, but she lit the fuse.

Ben Edwards

Admiral Pillar reached out to a CIA agent who needed money to legitimize intel to arrange for the SEAL team to be ambushed in Syria, which would allow adequate cover. He also is Reece’s best friend.

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