The Terminal List season 1 – who is Katie Buraneck?

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 1, 2022
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This article, “who is Katie Buraneck,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1.

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The Terminal List is an action-thriller series based on the best-selling book series by Jack Carr. One of the principal characters is a war correspondent and now crime reporter, Katie Buraneck. The former Fresh Off the Boat and Hustlers star has some bad press after tweeting her displeasure over the show being picked up for a fifth season. The reason? She had projects lined up she was excited about when she thought the show was gone for good. Here, she is a driven reporter with a history of family members falling on the sword in pursuit of the truth. 

So, that begs the question:  

Who is Katie Buraneck in The Terminal List season 1?  

Katie Buraneck. is a war correspondent and crime reporter.

What does Katie Buraneck do?  

The character of Katie Buraneck is a reporter covering the death of Lt. Commander Reece’s unit in Syria when trying to capture the chemical weapons terrorist, Kahani. She follows him home from a day full of military funerals, and Reece mistakes her as a threat. He pulls a gun on her while she sits in her car outside his house. He refuses to talk to her but leases the vehicle. After the threat to his life and the death of his family, he contacts her with questions. She is not convinced someone is trying to kill him. Katie probably suspects he may have had a hand in it.

She may be basing this on when he authorizes her to grab the results of his first CT scan. It reveals he has a brain tumor. That’s when Reece sees a man approaching. They escape out of the back of the restaurant. When they get to their car, he again sees the main in the car behind them. When Reece approaches, he shoots them dead after returning fire. He then asks Kate if she still thinks he is paranoid?

Katie’s job is to investigate what RD-4895 is and how it ties into Reece’s unit. She locates the head of Nubellum pharmaceuticals, Mike Tedesco. Steve Horn of Capstone Industries stopped animal trials on the drug and bypassed human trials to test a unit full of Navy SEALS. Why? In laymen’s terms, it helps control trauma pathways that lead to PTSD. Mike gives her a hard drive with information that has to do with the drug’s asset management. An attempt is made on her and Mike’s life. He is killed, but Katie shoots one of her attackers in the head.

She writes up her story condemning Secretary Hartley because she assumes she is the unnamed shareholder by process of elimination. When she sent it to her editor, Hartley used government resources to intercept her work. The Secretary offers her an exclusive interview to provide additional facts to help her reach more accurate conclusions. Though, when she added it all night, the Secretary claimed she did not know about the coverup or that the medication caused terminal cancer. Katie presents evidence that she knew well before the mission in Syria.

Katie eventually publishes her story, going from condemning the political figure to highlighting Reece’s war.

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