Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a Maggie season 2?

July 6, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be season 2 of the Hulu original series Maggie and its renewed or cancelled status.

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I had low expectations for the new Hulu original series, Maggie. I mean, meager, even bottom-of-the-barrel expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the story’s endless supply of quirks. Even the lively supporting characters, like Chris Elliott’s Jack and Kerri Kenney’s Maria, are hilarious here, even if the season can be an uneven experience.

However, the selling point is the performance by Rebecca Rittenhouse, who plays the titular character Maggie. The actress is so effortlessly charming, she is a complete breath and burst of fresh air. It is a turn that we have not seen in a while. By comparison, the closest thing to Lauren Graham since, well, Lauren Graham.

The question remains whether one breakout character and performer are enough to garner another season?

Will there be a season 2 of the Hulu original series Maggie – renewed or canceled status

Status: TBC/not renewed

Maggie is based on the short film by Tim Curcio and has had truly little fanfare or marketing up to this point. The cast’s most prominent name is Chris Elliott. Now, do not get me wrong, he is hilarious here, but Elliott does not carry a show renewal, The fact of the matter is there is a startlingly low amount of star power. In fact, it has so much stiff competition facing the series with Netflix’s Stranger Things and Amazon’s The Terminal List that it may get lost in the ever-crowded holiday streaming shuffle.

However, since streaming is taking over the big holiday weekend usually reserved for the theatrical movie experience, Maggie could carve a niche with counter-programming for those looking for some notably lighter fare. The series does represent something Hulu needs more of, which is a female-centric show, the majority of the cast are women, and it has a premise for a sitcom that is hard to find on streaming.

As the season finale indicates, like life, the show’s renewal is a coin flip. While I will be pulling for Maggie to get a second season, Hulu original series often need more prominent stars to escape cancellation. However, if the streaming giant believes they have a potential breakout star in Rittenhouse and the production cost is relatively low, Hulu could decide the risk is worth the reward.

In my opinion, Maggie may get lost in the holiday shuffle.

Prediction: We will keep an eye on data and keep this article updated. However, we believe Maggie will see a cancelation in the near future.

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