Indian Matchmaking season 2 – Netflix confirms release date and provides first look images

July 12, 2022
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This article discusses the release date for Indian Matchmaking season 2 and reveals the first look images for the second installment. 

Indian Matchmaking drew plenty of attention with season 1. Bringing a worldwide release meant plenty of viewers were educated on a different kind of matchmaking in India. It was a breath-of-fresh air; different from the usual dating reality shows that we’ve all become accustomed to. At Ready Steady Cut, we gave the first season a positive review:

“This Netflix series has definitely delivered above expectations, laying out matchmaking on an in-depth and carefully articulated level.”

And now, Netflix has confirmed the release date for the second season!

Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking season 2 premise

Courtesy of Netflix — “The job of Mumbai’s premier matchmaker is never over! Sima Taparia is back with 8 fresh, hour-long episodes of Indian Matchmaking S2 as she helps single millennials around the globe find their perfect match. This season, Sima will manage more expectations than ever before from clients, old and new – with wishlists ranging from man-buns to an “ovo-lacto-semi-vegetarian” diet, to a shared love of Taco Bell. Drawing from her decades of experience, insightful intuition, and traditional methods, Sima strives to help some lucky singles find their destinies!

Our opinion of the second season premise:

We just hope that the second season of Indian Matchmaking is as intriguing and embracing as the first. While we do not expect much change in format, we at least want consistency when faced with a second installment.

Indian Matchmaking season 2 release date

The second season of this reality series will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, August 10, 2022. It will consist of eight episodes.

First look images

Season 2 production crew information

Executive producers:

  • Aaron Saidman
  • Eli Holzman.
  • Smriti Mundhra.
  • J.C. Begley.

The production company is The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC), a part of Sony Pictures Television.

What are your thoughts on Indian Matchmaking so far – are you looking forward to season 2 on Netflix? Comment below.

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