Resident Evil season 1 – who is Jade Wesker?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 14, 2022
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This article, “who is Jade Wesker”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1.

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Who is Jade Wesker in Resident Evil season 1?

Starting from the 2022 timeline and before the T-Virus outbreak, Jade is a 14-year-old girl who moves to New Raccoon City with her father, Albert, and twin sister, Billie. Much like her sister, Jade fails to fit in at school and makes only one true friend, Simon. She is a “fierce, rebellious, and headstrong” individual, with those same characteristics remaining with her as she reaches adulthood. Although she initially protects her sister at all costs, they lose touch after the outbreak. And by 2036, Jade is a hardened survivor.

What does Jade Wesker do in Resident Evil Season 1?

After Billie gets tormented by the local school bully (Tammy), Jade attacks the bully, but almost, albeit accidentally, lands Billie with the blame. Eventually, the two sisters make up. And when they start to suspect that their father, Albert, and Umbrella may be involved in animal testing, they break into Umbrella’s labs. Unfortunately, it goes disastrously wrong. And after triggering an alarm, Billie gets bitten by a dog that is infected with the T-Virus.

As their father covers for them, Jade learns that her father is actually a clone. But there isn’t much time for Jade to process the information. As danger soon comes after Jade, Billie, Albert, his clone Bert, and Jade’s boyfriend Simon as they try to flee from Evelyn and her guards. But as Billie’s condition with the virus worsens, Billie accidentally bites Simon. As a result, Jade is distraught when Evelyn shoots and kills Simon.

With Albert aware that Evelyn may target Jade next, Albert blows up Umbrella and allows Jade and Billie to flee with Bert. But in the aftermath that follows, Jade and Billie lose their close relationship and drift apart. The last time that we see Jade in 2022, she is reading a note which has details for Ada Wong.

Fourteen years after the end, aka 2036, Jade now has a daughter, Bea, with Arjun. A true survivor, Jade goes through many battles to uncover the mysteries of the T-Virus, and fights off many foes, including Baxter, as she does so. After reuniting with Billie, who not only controls Evelyn and Umbrella but turns on Jade, Jade learns that “Zeroes” are evolving. Although Jade’s initial experiment leads to the tragic death of Amrita, Jade realises that Zeroes can get controlled by smell.

Aware of the danger that Billie now has on the world, Jade unleashes a giant crocodile on land. Billie and her guard are, however, able to defeat the crocodile. And shortly afterwards, Billie sets her sights on Bea, who has escaped from the ship she was staying on with Jade and Arjun.

There’s a tense stand-off between the previously close sisters. And whilst Jade is unable to kill Billie, Billie heartlessly shoots Jade in the stomach and takes Bea with her. Whilst it’s unlikely that Jade is going to die, it seems that the first chapter of season two will involve Jade trying to get Bea back.

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