Who died in Virgin River season 4?

July 20, 2022
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This article, “Who died in Virgin River season 4,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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Virgin River follows the day to day lives of its wholesome townsfolk, with lead protagonist Mel Monroe working at the local clinic. For a show that is heavily focused on health care, as well as having subplots that involve kidnappings, prison spats and a drug ring, there is a surprising lack of death. Season four is chocked full of injuries, attacks, illnesses and plenty of drama, but has a very low death count. Here’s a breakdown of everyone who died in the series who is of any importance to the plot. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in the Netflix series Virgin River season 4?

Stillborn baby

This could be considered a rather somber article and the season starts with one of the saddest forms of death, that of a baby. In episode two, new doctor Cameron is struggling to cope with a woman in the throes of labour, so he asks for Mel’s expertise. The baby is born, but appears to have no pulse and is unresponsive. Mel performs CPR, yet the baby doesn’t make it. This is a devastating first death for season four, but one that has an added significance to the plot, with Mel herself pregnant and no stranger to stillbirths.

The death has a profound effect on Mel, who is forced to ponder her own high risk pregnancy and relive the death of her own daughter. This death takes a while for Mel to overcome and works as a heart-breaking trigger in her overarching story. The mother does give birth to a second child, who is well, but the damage is already done. The parents will never fully recover from this tragedy.

An old man

In episode three, Mel helps an old man at the supermarket. He is lost and confused, staring into the car park, struggling to find his car. Mel heads over and helps the man, who may be suffering from a severe case of dementia. He appears to have no friends or family to support him and then faints on the spot. Mel calls for an ambulance and begins to perform CPR. At the end of the instalment, Mel receives a call from the hospital and it is bad news, the man didn’t make it.

This second death occurs within a short period of time of the first death, really knocking Mel’s morale in the process. She really shouldn’t be dealing with so much stress during her pregnancy and these deaths continue to have an emotional impact on the nurse practitioner.


The only main character to die in season four is the criminal boss Calvin, who runs a drug dealing business in Virgin River. Throughout this season, detective Mike and Brie try to hunt down this kingpin, but struggle to find the elusive thug. Inmate Jimmy finally gives up his location in a bargaining deal and they head towards this destination. Brie and Mike spot Calvin hiding out on a boat on a secluded body of water. Mike calls for backup and Calvin appears to be spooked by the flashlights in the forest. His movements are unclear, Calvin either ducks, dives or hides from view, but in that moment his boat explodes, presumably killing the man.

New boss Melissa Montgomery informs Brady of Calvin’s death, implying that it was her that orchestrated the entire scheme. She threatens Brady will a similar fate if he doesn’t cooperate. Maybe she wanted Calvin out of the way or needed him dead, but she is the only one to confirm his death. He would have only survived if he dove into the water in that second before the bomb went off.

That concludes the roundup of the casualties in Virgin River season 4. Do you think Calvin is dead or alive? Please comment with your theories below.

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