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By Adam Lock
Published: July 22, 2022
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Black Bird season 1, episode 5 preview, release date and where to watch online

This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series Black Bird season 1, episode 5.

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In “WhatsHerName”, Larry and Jimmy open up to one another, divulging secrets and their contrasting upbringings with fascinating results. The show digs deeper into these lead characters, as Jimmy tries to elicit a confession. Here’s what happened in episode four of Black Bird:

  • 1973 Indiana, Larry is forced to dig up a grave with his father so they can steal the rings and jewels from the corpse. His father is a horrid man, creating a monster in Larry.
  • 1974 Illinois, Jimmy plays football with his father. They discuss buying fancy cars when Jimmy hits the big time.
  • In the present, Jimmy raids Larry’s cell looking for clues or evidence. He finds awful drawings of murder and torture in some adult magazines.
  • Carter asks for his money, but Jimmy explains the issues he is faced with. Carter hints at telling everyone Jimmy’s little secret if he isn’t paid.
  • Larry grows suspicious of Jimmy and says that he asks too many questions. Jimmy tries to hide his distaste for the killer, but comes across as defensive. Larry spots this and apologizes, admitting he is paranoid.
  • There is a riot at the prison, with guards and inmates stabbed or attacked. Larry and Jimmy are tasked with cleaning up the canteen after this chaos.
  • They discuss their childhoods. Larry remembers his youth like a utopia.
  • In further flashbacks, Larry is forced to cut off a dead man’s finger to retrieve their ring. Whilst Jimmy watches his parent’s marriage fall apart.
  • Back at the prison they talk High School. Larry mentions eating pets and admits to stealing from graves.
  • Jimmy opens up about his mother, who kicked his father out and then brought in an awful man. This replacement beat his mother, Jimmy and brother. Jimmy admits he thought about killing his mother.
  • Larry gets excited and asks how he would kill her and then if he would do ‘things’ to her. Larry confesses to knocking girls out with starter fluid, hinting at his appalling criminal acts.
  • Larry’s brother Gary visits, explaining that the police are snooping around. He embarrassed them. Larry thinks that this is a sign that he is coming out of prison soon.

Black Bird season 1, episode 5 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 29th, 2022 at 12 am PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Black Bird season 1, episode 5 on Apple TV+ at the date mentioned above.


  • Larry will continue to reveal more and more secrets, leading Jimmy to ask about their locations. Larry may start to grow suspicious of Jimmy and refuse to talk anymore on the subject.
  • Carter will keep asking Jimmy for the money and might even tell a few inmates his secret just to get Jimmy to speed up his actions.
  • On the outside, Lauren and Brian will return to the show, investigating Larry’s many crimes. They will hopefully uncover some important evidence they can use against the killer.
  • Jimmy’s father may pass away, adding more emotional instability to the criminal, who is close to a breakdown as it is.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Apple TV+. 

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