Paper Girls season 1 – do the paper girls make it back to 1988 and save the world?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “do the paper girls make it back to 1988 and save the world,” contains significant spoilers about Amazon’s Paper Girls season 1.

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At the start of Paper Girls, the four paper girls, Mac, Erin, Tiffany, and KJ, are accidentally caught in the middle of a war between two teams of time travellers. And after Erin nearly dies when she gets shot by Mac, the four paper girls unknowingly time travel. But when they learn that they’re in the future, they decide that they must try and return to 1988; and, hopefully, save the world from the war whilst they’re at it. But the question for much of the season is whether they’ll be able to do so.

Paper Girls season 1 – do the paper girls make it back to 1988 and save the world?

As the paper girls try to return to their timeline, they come across many obstacles whilst meeting a variety of characters. They meet their future selves. Or, in Mac’s case, learn that they’ll die at the age of 16. And despite the wacky situation that they’re in, they still manage to recruit help. Mainly from Adult Erin and STF member Larry. Larry, who has a gigantic robotic time machine, promises that he will send the paper girls back to 1988.

But when Adult Erin uses the time machine to send them to 1988, they are followed and, as a result, Adult Erin and Larry die. To the shock of the paper girls, though, Larry had no intention of sending them to 1988. Rather, Larry decided to send them all to the year 1999. So, once again, stuck in a situation with little to no help, the paper girls have no choice but to ask Adult Tiffany and Larry from 1999 for help. Whilst it seems that they may be able to find a way to travel back in time and stop the way, Prioress tracks them down.

But in the season finale, Prioress switches sides and decides to help the paper girls and send them on spaceships. But when the paper girls get separated, KJ and Mac go to an unknown location/era. Whilst Tiffany and Erin travel to the past. So, at least for now, it seems that the paper girls haven’t travelled back to 1988, nor have they stopped the war. But if the show gets renewed, then maybe that will happen in a future season.

What did you think about the paper girl’s mission to travel back to 1988 and stop the war? Do you think they’ll achieve their goal in a future season?

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