Good Detective season 2, episodes 1 and 2 preview, release date and where to watch online

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 29, 2022

This article is a preview of the K-Drama series Good Detective season 2, episodes 1 and 2, which includes details of the release date and where to watch. 

Good Detective returns and fans will be delightfully pleased that the K-Drama industry has decided to renew this brilliant series. We will be interested to understand what audiences think of the second season each week, so please comment below!

For those unfamiliar with the premise then, Good Detective is set in Incheon, South Korea — the drama tells stories of people who try to hide ugly truths and those who uncover the facts.

For instance, Kang Do-Chang has worked as a detective for 18 years! He uses his experience and acquaintances to get to the bottom of a severe case.

And then you have Oh Ji-Hyeok, a top-level investigator. Nine years of experience under their belt. He uses evidence and taps into the criminal’s psyche. The trauma he holds from childhood means he does not share his emotions or feelings.

Season 2 will see the good detectives continue in the Violent Crimes Team and use the truth to bring down the villains.

The second season of Good Detective occupies the Saturday & Sunday JTBC timeslot that was previously occupied by Cleaning Up.

Good Detective season 2, episodes 1 and 2 release date/time 

For Koreansepisode 1 will be released on Saturday, July 30th, 2022, at 22:30 (KST), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world). Episode 2 will be released at the same time the next day — Sunday, July 31st, 2022.

Where to watch Good Detective season 2, episodes 1 and 2 online

For Koreans, viewers can watch the K-Drama series Good Detective season 2, episodes 1 and 2 on jTBC on the date and time mentioned above. At the time of this article, we still haven’t been able to confirm whether the second series will feature on a streaming service.

How many episodes will Good Detective season 2 have?

In total, Good Detective season 2 will have 16 episodes, with the schedule releasing two episodes a week.

And more importantly, who is returning in the cast?

Here is the confirmed cast (sadly, Lee Elijah will not be returning for her role as Jin Seo-kyung, the newspaper reporter).

  • Son Hyun-joo as Kang Do-chang.
  • Jang Seong-jo as Oh Ji-hyuk.
  • Kim Hyo-jin as Cheon Na-na
  • Jung Moon-sung as Woo Tae-ho.

What are your thoughts on the K-Drama series Good Detective so far? Make sure to comment below!

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