Paper Girls season 1 – what happens when the paper girls meet their future selves?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “what happens when the paper girls meet their future selves,” contains significant spoilers about Amazon’s Paper Girls season 1.

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In the first season of Paper Girls, four paper girls, Erin, Mac, KJ, and Tiffany, are caught in the middle of a war between two groups of time travelers. As a result, they end up traveling through time. And after they realize that very fact, they all decide to track down what they grew up to be. But do they manage to track down their former selves? And if so, what happens?

Paper Girls season 1 – what happens when the paper girls meet their future selves?

Erin is the first to see her older self. At the end of the first episode, Erin and the other paper girls return to her home. They expect to find her Mom. But instead, they find Adult Erin. It’s from this encounter that the paper girls realise that they have travelled to the future! As both Erins come to terms with meeting themselves, Adult Erin decides to help Erin save the world and return to 1988. But along the way, Erin learns that Adult Erin stopped speaking to their younger sister, Missy, for not being there as their Mother died. So, not only does Erin have to struggle with her Mom no longer being alive, but she then witnesses a tense exchange between Adult Erin and Missy. Oh! And then Erin watches her older self die in a battle to save the paper girls.

Mac is next to track down her family. And whilst she was elated to believe that she didn’t stay in town or become an alcoholic, she’s horrified to learn that she died when she was 16. Whilst Mac does bond with her older brother, Dylan; she leaves him behind to protect him and his family.

When KJ tracks down her older self at a party, it’s an eye-opening encounter for her. And this is because KJ spots her older self kissing another girl. Although it’s a huge shock at first, it helps KJ finally understand who she is and why she felt so uncomfortable in her own skin.

Finally, when Tiffany meets herself, the reality doesn’t just shock her but the other paper girls as well. Mac even says that she’s shocked that Tiffany turns out to be “the life of the party”. But the reality of who she becomes appalled Tiffany. Having expected herself to go to university and becomes something, Tiffany is unhappy to learn that her future self has dropped out of school. And as a result, it causes major tension between Tiffany and Adult Tiffany.

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