Paper Girls season 1 – who is Mac Coyle?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “who is Mac Coyle,” contains significant spoilers about Amazon’s Paper Girls season 1.

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Who is Mac Coyle in Paper Girls season 1?

Mac (Mackenzie) Coyle is a no filtered, hot-headed, and an offensive teenage girl. She has glimmers of love and affection but tries to hide it at all costs. Instead, she will frequently smoke, dress like a tomboy, and be insensitive towards anyone, even her friends. However, as the season progresses, Mac becomes more caring towards her friends and is open to things she had previously shown disgust at. Furthermore, after reuniting with her brother in 1999, Mac learns of the devastation that her death has left behind. Therefore, Mac becomes more confident in herself and starts to appreciate not just herself but those around her.

What does Mac Coyle do?

After KJ gets jumped on by a group of thugs, Mac gets Erin and Tiffany to help her defend KJ. When Mac wants to “smoke the thugs out”, the four paper girls end up time travelling after they get caught in the crossfires of a war between two groups of time travellers. Believing that an alien invasion is about to happen, Mac grabs a gun. But in a scuffle, she accidentally shoots Erin in the stomach. Luckily for both Mac and Erin, the time travellers heal Erin’s wound with healing bugs. 

Shortly afterwards, the paper girls learn that they have gone to the future. Whilst on a mission to return to 1988 and save the world, Mac makes contact with her older brother, Dylan. But when she meets him, she believes that it’s a wind-up as Mac died when she was 16 years old. Eventually, Dylan does a DNA test and learns that Mac is, in fact, his dead sister. 

After the two make up for lost time, Mac leaves her brother and his family behind when she believes that Prioress will bring harm to them. Regardless, Mac still pushes her friends too far; and, in one instance, gets punched by KJ. The feud doesn’t last long, though. By the end of the series, Mac, along with Erin, KJ, and Tiffany, accept help from Prioress and get on a spaceship to flee from Russ. As Prioress gets shot, Mac and KJ are separated from Erin and Tiffany before they go to an unknown location and era. 

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