Uncoupled season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: July 29, 2022
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This recap of Netflix’s Uncoupled season 1, episode 8 – the ending explained contains spoilers.

After picking up one hell of a shiner at the drunken ski weekend, Michael must prepare for the Jonathans’ wedding where he’ll be unwittingly reunited with his ex-boyfriend Colin and his hot new architect lover. The finale, “Chapter 8”, brings a conclusion of sorts to this romantic tale of modern dating and the hunt for true love, whilst also setting up many storylines for a hopeful second season. Here’s what happened in the season one finale.

Uncoupled season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

Suzanne heads over to Michael’s to cover up his rather large facial bruise for the wedding. The dynamic duo have finally received their commission from the sale of Claire’s apartment and are looking to celebrate. Michael wants to use the cheque to buy out Colin’s half of the apartment, to fully own the home he so dearly loves. Suzanne has her own life-changing news, her son Kai has found his birth father and is considering meeting the man in person.

At the wedding, Michael nervously searches the room for his ex. Billy and his new fling Wyatt seem to be on the right track to a genuine relationship, whilst Stanley announces that he has stage one breast cancer. He asks Michael to escort him to the doctors, so he doesn’t miss any important information. Billy and Michael are stunned by the news, but very supportive. Michael heads over to Colin, introducing himself to Colin’s new man, but it ends up being a huge misunderstanding. Colin is still single and the man stood next to him is a married, straight chap. Michael is embarrassed, but relieved to find out Colin is still single.

The ceremony interrupts their chat and they go their separate ways. Michael says that he’s too tired to be mad with Colin any longer and Suzanne is allowed to speak with him now – the ban is lifted. Colin sits on a singles table, whilst Michael eats with his friends. Michael seizes this opportunity and heads over, while Colin is on his own. Michael tries to bring up buying out Colin’s share of the apartment once more, but is interrupted again. A mother of the groom makes an awkward toast, where she thanks Colin and Michael for their break-up, which inspired the Jonathans to marry. After the speech, Michael makes his proposition. Colin says he’ll have to mull it over and weigh it up financially.

Suzanne meets with Colin for the first time since the break-up. She punches Colin in the arm and then the old friends hug. She tells him to do the right thing and give Michael the flat, as a way of making amends for the awful way he ended their relationship. Billy flirts with a waiter, who happens to be an old hook-up of his and they exchange numbers. Wyatt spies this swapping of digits and leaves, calling Billy a selfish player. Kai tells Suzanne that he won’t be meeting up with his father, stating that she’s all the family he needs. Billy tells Stanley that he is here for him and will be attending the doctors alongside Michael.

The ending

The gang dance the night away and Colin awkwardly joins in. As the friends slowly drift away, it leaves just the old couple on their own, slow dancing together. Colin accepts the apartment offer, so Michael can buy him out. It’s a sweet scene, the couple back together for a fleeting moment, with no animosity or ill-will towards one another. Afterwards, Michael reflects that they might be friends in the future and that he doesn’t hurt inside anymore. Michael seems to have finally matured and accepted the break-up for what it is.

In the final scenes, Billy deletes the waiter’s number and Stanley researches the survival rate from his cancer. Suzanne decides to meet with Kai’s father and Michael heads home to find a surprise waiting for him at the apartment. Colin is there and he says that he thinks he made a mistake. Michael stands astounded, unsure how to respond. It’s a well-made, fitting ending that opens the series up for a subsequent season. Hopefully Netflix will renew this romantic comedy for a second season so we can explore these storylines in more depth.

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