Renewed or Cancelled – Will there be a Fanatico Season 2

July 29, 2022
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This article discusses the possibility of Fanatico Season 2 and its renewed or cancelled status. It may contain spoilers for the first season. You can read a spoiler-free review of that by clicking these words.

The Spanish series Fanatico is an impressively grim bit of work, especially given it only runs across five tiny episodes. But its skewering of cannibalizing celebrity culture is difficult to watch, smartly put-together, and well-performed, especially by the lead, Lorenzo Ferro, who plays the roles of both Spain’s biggest trap star Quimera and his biggest fan, Lazaro.

Despite its slight runtime, the impact of Fanatico might well conspire to create a hit, and in that case, fans will be curious about the show’s potential future. So, here’s everything we know.

Renewed or cancelled status – Will there be a Fanatico Season 2?

Status: TBC

It’s still early days yet, but Netflix haven’t confirmed anything one way or the other. This is an interesting release, with only five episodes each running under 20 minutes, so you have to imagine production costs would be relatively low if a continuation was greenlit. However, there’s also artistic merit to consider (I know, I know, this is Netflix we’re talking about.)

Fanatico tells a mostly self-contained story about a young man realizing to the detriment of himself and those around him that the grass isn’t always greener, and while it doesn’t necessarily build to a conclusive ending, it does build to a thematically powerful and deliberately open-ended one. Viewership notwithstanding, I think that the note Fanatico ends on is the right one for the story and a second season would inevitably muddy what it’s trying to say.

So, while there’s no official confirmation, I think the level of attention this show would have to get in order to justify a follow-up would be far more than it’s capable of getting. Don’t expect a second season any time soon, in other words.

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