The best TV for summer months

August 4, 2022
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With summer in full swing, many of us will want to swap out gritty dramas and dark thrillers for bright romances and sunkissed comedies. Shows set in exotic climates can make us feel more summery ourselves, or can help aid the disappointment when it decides to rain throughout the warmer months. 

We have listed our favourite TV shows for the summer, programmes set in warm climates that make us feel as though we could be there ourselves. Those searching for TV shows this summer should look no further. Read on for the ultimate summer lineup of TV. 

The OC

Set in the perpetually summery Orange County, this classic coming of age drama follows the life of Ryan, a troubled youth, as he becomes intertwined in the lives of wealthy residents of a Newport Beach neighbourhood. The OC is set around pool houses, pristine beaches, and sunny boulevards, meaning that despite the sometimes tense storylines, the show portrays a sun-kissed experience of American youth. The setting, combined with a classic anthem like no other as the show’s theme, means that any time you turn on The OC you’ll be instantly transported to sunny California. 

Parks and Recreation

The ever optimistic Parks and Recreation can make anyone feel carefree. As the name suggests, many of the show’s storylines are set around various parks in the fictional town of Pawnee, as the authorities responsible try to improve things for the people of the town. The constant laughs, sunny and often outdoors setting, provide a lighthearted watch on a summer’s day.

Selling Sunset

Filmed in Los Angeles, the show is shot in sunny locations, with b-roll featuring scorching sun and endless palm trees. Following a team of real estate agents selling luxury properties in affluent LA suburbs, the show lets us delve into the lives of the rich and famous, showing us their extravagant homes and lifestyles, while also following the internal drama amongst the estate agents themselves. The constant sunny backdrop and coastal views make this reality show one of the ultimate summer TV shows to binge.

Sex Education

Filmed in a way that is reminiscent of the 1980s, with its bright colours and vintage wardrobe, every scene in Sex Education creates a nostalgic feeling of summers gone by. With sunny bike rides through the woods and awkward portrayals of adolescence, the show perfectly encapsulates the stage of growing up where summers feel endless and anything seems possible.

Below Deck

Following a team of “yachties” as they work and live aboard luxury yachts, tending to their client’s extravagant wants and needs, Below Deck features exotic locations and beautiful weather. Although the crew are working, the tropical scenery and luxurious locations make it seem the cast are constantly on holiday. With new episodes frequently being released, those looking for new TV shows for the summer should look no further than the latest series of Below Deck.

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