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By Adam Lock
Published: August 6, 2022
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The Rehearsal season 1, episode 5 preview, release date and where to watch online

This article contains predictions for the HBO series The Rehearsal season 1, episode 5.

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In “The Fielder Method,” the social experiment is pushed to its limits (again), with Nathan Fielder having actors impersonate a member of the public, but then hiring actors to play the original students from the first setup. Confused? Here’s what happened in episode four of The Rehearsal:

  • Angela and Nathan talk parenting. Angela was a drug addict and alcoholic in her youth, who fell out with her father.
  • Nathan launches his own acting school where students are told to impersonate a member of the public, who they refer to as a primary. The actors are concerned about stalking a stranger and their doubts make Nathan feel insecure.
  • Nathan decides to re-enact the acting class to see if he can experience the first day from one of the student’s perspectives. He plays the role of Thomas, which in turn becomes his primary.
  • Day 2 of the original class and the students feedback their experiences of the first assignment. Some actors managed to find their primary’s social media accounts and one even got to go in their primary’s house. Thomas struggled with the task though. Nathan suggests he tries to make more of an effort next time.
  • Nathan relives the second day, playing Thomas again. He finds it to be a success and enjoys the teacher’s special treatment.
  • Day 3, the actors struggle to recreate their primary’s jobs. Nathan promises to get them training in their primary’s specific field of expertise. Thomas is still finding the method uncomfortable.
  • Nathan replays Day 1 again as Thomas and is still confused by the situation. He plans to go further into his method acting. He asks Thomas questions at his work and then relives Day 2 again.
  • Nathan wants to immerse himself even further in the process and decides to live in Thomas’ house. Thomas meanwhile moves into a rented accommodation with two actors, pretending to be his primary’s friends. After a week of this immersion, the actors showcase their results and are handed a certificate.
  • Nathan returns to his parenting simulation and Adam is now 15. Due to Nathan’s absence, Adam becomes a stereotypical rogue teenager, taking drugs and arguing with his father. Nathan tries to make amends but realizes he’s missed 9 years of his life. He asks Angela if they can relive those lost years.
  • Adam overdoses and is rushed to hospital, but runs away instead. Nathan finds him at a park. Adam goes down a slide as a teenager, coming out the other end as a six-year-old.

The Rehearsal season 1, episode 5 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on HBO and HBO Max on Friday, August 12th, 2022, at 11 pm ET/PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Rehearsal season 1, episode 5 on HBO and HBO Max on the date and time mentioned above.


  • Nathan will try to be a better father the second time around and help out at home more with the six-year-old Adam.
  • Nathan’s rehearsals may have to be postponed or delayed while he finishes the parenting simulation.
  • Adam will race through the years and return to being a teenager again. Nathan will ask the actor playing Adam to evaluate the differences between both experiences.
  • Angela will grow distant with the experience and leave before the end of the process.
  • As always, it is hard to predict what Nathan Fielder has in store for us, but I’m excited to see what he’s cooked up for us next week.

You can stream this series with a subscription to HBO Max.

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